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Originaly from UK we moved to Gran Canaria eight years ago with our 16 year old son Ashleigh. We live on the south of the island and the beach is just a stone throw away from our bungalow. We love taking walks along the beach and into the mountains which are all around us. Our interest's are many but we especially enjoy cooking, reading and of course internet marketing!
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The Pitfalls Of Being An MLM/Business Opportunity Junkie

Sep 19th 2010 at 9:07 AM

Junkie - junk-ie n. someone that is so ardently devoted to something that it resembles an addiction; "a sports junkie"; "a car nut"; in this case an "mlm junkie"

You've seen them. I've seen them. They're everywhere. They're scattered all over the  industry. Chances are they're in your downline. Maybe YOU'RE one of them. If you've joined quite a few companies over the last couple of months for all of the wrong reasons, carry on reading.

Many believe that all that is required is to pay the company's entry fee and then endless money will flow into their bank account within a short period of time with minimal effort. Common sense and reason has little to do with the choice to join several only to quit within the same month. Fear of loss is the catalyst behind this outrageous behavior. The thought of being left behind and missing out on the latest goldmine that everyone else has discovered is what prompts a junkie to take action. This behavior is very similar to an adolescent agonizing that somewhere else there is a clique that is having a ball without them. They end up spending a fairly large chunk of money purchasing tons of e-books, products, and the latest and greatest software, causing them to quickly go broke.

Very few travel down the path to success. The other 95% are either headed down the wrong path or searching for shortcuts that simply don't exist.

A lot of people join MLM companies/Buis Opps believing they will hit the jackpot within a short amount of time. Many want riches without putting forth the effort needed to succeed in this industry. They'd much rather go out and attempt to recruit any and everybody into their downline, hoping to luck out and find a superstar in the mix that'll build their organization for them. The question is, why rely on someone else to build while you stand around and watch? What's stopping them from becoming superman?

A mentality that's built on greed and laziness…

When we first came into this industry in the mid 80's, we encountered this problem on many occasions. There were members in our upline that constantly encouraged us to invite guests to the weekly hotel hype meetings, but oddly enough didn't bring any guests of their own. One in particular actually contacted people that we had personally sponsored, asking them to make a sale in order for bonuses to be handed down for that month. What a trip…..that many ignore the fact that personal relationship building along with persistence is what leads to success.

Is Prelaunch a Junkie's playground?

Personally we don't see the fascination when it comes to pre-launches. The reason why we chose to mention pre-launches is because we feel that it ties into the MLM/Buis Opp junkie's fast start, quick reward mentality. If you look closely, most pre-launches are just the typical hype game. It's hard not to get excited right? The lure of getting in early guarantees a chance to make more money and this is the type of fix that a junkie absolutely craves. True enough, the internet has changed the game completely since we first started .. which has made it even easier to jump ship and join several companies over a period of time.

Is there a solution?

Sure there is….all that is required is a change in mindset. It's not necessarily easy, yet quite simple. Ignore the hype and stop bouncing around the industry like a pinball. Instead of putting 5% into twenty different "ultimate" opportunities, why not focus 100% into one?..or at the very most three. Gain knowledge instead of chasing fortunes. Those that invest in the time to learn how to market using effective methods will become dominant players in this industry. And, although methods of sponsoring have changed dramaticly since those early days in the 80's, we still believe that there is a lot of mileage in meeting people, face-to-face. Maybe that seems old fashioned to some...but it still works for us!

Don't be the "jack of all trades and master of none"  -  you won't get too far in this or any  other business.

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Jan 17th 2011 at 11:22 AM by elitejewels
This article sums me up pretty good, but I'm working on it! My inbox is full of the "biggest pre-launch ever" stuff. I'm getting better about just deleting them and not even opening them! lol Anyway, thanks for writing this! Blessings, Susan
Nov 30th 2010 at 6:36 PM by zelphina
Wonderful article and I hope many people will read this. The junkies really do need a 12 step program, admit their addiction and get a reality check. There is more to residual income from a company than just joining endless opportunities, because there will always be something new and shiny to come along. I used to be one of these junkies. This is something that takes focus,commitment and work...not dependence on someone else to do it for you. Thanks for writing this. Zelphina, Your MLM Mentor Next Door
Sep 24th 2010 at 5:44 PM by deewest
Very good article Best Wishes to your Success Dee

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