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The origin of an invention: The piano

Nov 7th 2012 at 12:38 AM

The piano or pianoforte is a musical instrument classified as a keyboard instrument, percussion or string, According to the classification system used.

Bartolomeo Cristofori of Padua, Italy, invented the first pianoforte. I called gravicembalo col piano e il forte. The name Refers to the Ability of the instrument to produce notes of different volumes Depending on the intensity of the pressure on the keys. It is not entirely clear when to built this instrument, but an inventory made ​​by Cristofori patterns, the Medici family, the existence of Indicates an early Cristofori instrument by the year 1701.

About Cristofori built only twenty pianos before I died in 1731, The Three That survive today date from the 1720s. Cristofori's piano was the first to hold a hammer mechanism That Could Achieve Both loud and soft  sounds. In 1711 Scipione Maffei describe as an early Cristofori pianos to "harpiscordio (gravicembalo) with strong and gentle." By 1726 Cristofori enter a new element into Their pianos, the system "una corda" Which Remains to this day. It was based on the Possibility of Allowing the performer using a special command to move the mechanism so That hammer strikes on each strings Fewer than Usually it makes for a very smooth sound.

During the current modern pianos the "una corda" allows the piano hammer hitting on only one string of each group. The piano produces sound by striking steel strings with felt hammers. The vibrations are Transmitted through the bridges to the soundboard. When we speak of the modern piano Primarily we refer to pianos designed and built since the last decade of the last century (1890) to the present. Although this time period is very large, the pianos That Were built on it can be Considered together Because changes in design and materials Have Been lower.

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