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The One24 24 Month Retirement Plan? You Really Want To Read This! (USA Only)

Aug 30th 2010 at 1:39 AM

Would You Like To Retire In 24 Months or Less???

If you still haven’t seen the information, it’s definitely worth taking the time.  One24 recently launched.  View the 4 videos and get on the Waiting List.

The Opportunity

Mark Seyforth, the founder of One24, explains the truly one-of-a-kind concept behind this amazing new company and how it can help you achieve your retirement goals in as little as 2 years!  There are no gimmicks  and no get-rich-quick schemes.  This is just a new revolutionary concept that has come at the perfect time!  It is so revolutionary, that it is being patented.  How’s that for unique!

He will show you how to retire in 24 months or less with an income of $100,000 per month.  Plus see how you can get paid even if you do not sign up one prospect each month!

Don’t Believe it?  That's OK. I didn’t either until I reviewed the site.  Here is a preview…


Get on the Waiting List for your Ticket! USA Only

You can also go here and watch the following 4 SHORT Videos (22 MINUTES):

  1. Video 1 – Introduction: The dawn of a new idea.
  2. Video 2 – Compensation: See how One24 builds and how you get paid.
  3. Video 3 – Gold Rush: A faster way to reach your retirement goal.
  4. Video 4 – Training: See how easy it is to build your One24 income.


If you like what’s on the site… then sign up on the Waiting List!

You must meet these requirements:

  • Live in the USA
  • Be willing to wait to join
  • Commit to 2 years
  • Be ready to put in at least 5 hours per month



The Product

The business is based on a nutritional product called NatraBurst™ that, in each 50 calorie serving, combines premium ingredients to deliver the equivalent of more than 6 servings of fruits and vegetables in conjunction with a high quality, Brown Rice Protein Blend.  The result is that you feel full, consume less and save money every month on your grocery bill.

Chock Full Of Benefits

The product is actually chock full of benefits.  I’d like to highlight a few and you can visit the website for all the details.

Additional Benefits of NatraBurst:

  1. People with milk allergies can now use NatraBurst. Food sensitivities are a growing problem and can lead to other health issues.  Unfortunately, more Americans are discovering that they are sensitive to products containing dairy.  To extend the benefits of NatraBurst to those with milk sensitivities, the product has been re-formulated with a new, high quality Brown Rice Protein Blend.  This new protein blend, in combination with the other amino acids and nutrient-dense ingredients, provides a terrific, hypoallergenic source of daily nourishment.
  2. NatraBurst improves the body’s alkalinity.  Serious diseases typically do not thrive in an alkaline environment, so the consuming the product will naturally make your body less hospitable to infection and disease.
  3. NatraBurst reduces chances of inflammation.  Certain foods can cause inflammation in the digestive tract.  This can lead to gas, bloating, indigestion and reduced immunity.


Check out the complete product details here ==>

Shake, Shake, Blend

So, how do you actually incorporate NatraBurst into your daily diet?  If you’re anything like me, the last thing you need is adding more complexity to your daily routine or diet.  Besides all the health benefits, NatraBurst tastes great! While you can add it to a glass of water and shake it vigorously in a closed container, I can offer the following ways to prepare a healthy and delicious shake or snack that will wash away the urge to nibble on something less nutritious.

In a blender, combine 1 cup of juice – I prefer orange juice but you’ll find it easy to get creative, a serving of NatraBurst, a piece of sliced fruit such as banana, pear, orange, apple, nectarine or a portion of strawberries, blueberries, etc.  Add some crushed ice and blend for a minute or two.  Optionally, you can add vanilla or plain organic yogurt for a more substantial shake.  I have tried most of these variations and they are all filling and delicious.

Another thing to try is combining a serving of NatraBurst with a cup of organic vanilla or plain yogurt.  Simply mix it into the yogurt until it’s well dispersed and has a smooth consistency.  I will sometimes add some fruit here as well, but that’s completely up to you.  There are, of course, many other ways to consume NatraBurst.  I welcome your input once you have tried them.

Bottom Line

For once, there really is no risk.  If any of the information you review makes sense, get on the waiting list.  While 97% of people fail to succeed in most business opportunities because they can’t build a team, this business is designed so that everyone can succeed.  In fact, this is so easy that you don’t have to stop what you’re doing.  There is absolutely no selling – unless you want to do that.  If you can’t invite anyone to either become a preferred consumer of the product or participate in the 2 year retirement plan, the company has that covered.  Just review the videos and you’ll understand.

Don’t have time to watch the videos on the web site?  Dial this 24/7 informational overview:

641-715-3800 PIN 54093#, Access Code: 124

At the end of the call, leave your contact information if you are interested in exploring it further. Please be sure to get in touch with me if you have any questions.


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Sep 2nd 2010 at 5:28 AM by HealthyGuy
Thanks Tony, This looks to interesting to pass up. I'm on your waiting list. To Our Great Success and Health Dr. Lee

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