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The One Thing about working from home

Feb 16th 2011 at 6:54 PM

Hello my name is Rob Barns, Just a little bit about my self!

I work form home with my online business I am a retired veteran from Australia

I have read so many ebooks my brain tells my eyes to to just shut up and give it a rest but I know is I read the right E Book  I will get the one thing that I am missing to make me the success I hear from everybody “Else”.

What is the “one thing” that they do, that I don’t do? What is it, they are not telling me?, what is this “one thing” that has slipped by me ?

Buy this stage the other E Books are starting to warm you up telling all the bad things about and the great lies and special secrets keys etc etc.  Well let me tell you this all you Ebook people I am awake now because my brain took over and I will not fall victim again.

Ya see we as marketers have all arrived here for a number of reasons but for the most part we start online marketing much as the gold rushes of old with the promise of wealth and riches beyound our wildest dreams all in thirty days.

When we are in times of trouble, financial or just looking to be included we change the way of or thinking, we know the money is out there and we dig our selfs deeper to follow the path that we hope we are told will get us there in the shortest possible time.

We buy with our hearts and justify with our brain, which for a lot of internet marketers is the beginning of the end and it all boils down too “The One Thing” and this my friends is the essence that we need to make it.

If after reading this book you do not undertsand the “One Thing” two things can happen the first save your money and try a lottery ticket,  I mean this with no disrespect for my point is I make a good husband but that does make a great lover, (Shh don’t tell my wife I have her Bluffed, I think!!!) and the second is you are ready for the journey with your eyes open.

I know you are dying to know what the “One Thing” is, well Im getting there. 

I am pretty lucky with the respect that I worked out the one thing early because I got to know a lot of people in the right place’s to learn from them and I truly believe that they still don’t know what it is so lets have a look at what they know.

They know that one of the greatest tools at there disposal is ignorance of a new or untrained marketer. So they hit you with the FREE word and give you an Ebook that is a long winded sales pitch you opt in and that is it (you are destined to Fail).

That Free word has brought so many people undone because in the Internet World Free has a different meaning to the good Oxford Dictionary.

As a fish is to bait we are to knowledge and knowledge equals MONEY right (WRONG).

The promise of knowledge and income force us to do things at the time does not feel right and with most things in life if it does not feel right then it probably isn’t but stiil we do it any way and ten out pops the shoulda coulda woulda hmmm but didn’t listen to yourself.

So if you don’t know what you are getting be ( not wary) but do not jump in at the dollar figures look at what you have to do to get there, and if they don’t show you how with out then selling you another ebook or cd then Integrity may be an Issue.

*The message is here is: Nobody but Nobody is online to really going to give away free money

If you learn that fact up front you are half way there !

Lets explore what you need to get going to start with

Most of the readers of this book will know this part off by hand, but not all of it !

1. A cup of coffe
2. About a week to study offers that will come streaming in when you join you first safe list or google “how to make money online” funny  thing that question because to date nobody has told me how to make money on line !
3. Your Wife, Husband or Friend behind you to smack you in the back of the head when you jump at the first opportunity that sounds to good to be true.

Speaking off coffee I will be back in a second, I need one.

Im back
       4   You have found the product? Have you? What does it do ?
Let me help you there so you are guided in the right direction, look for an established business with mid range members.
What do I mean by that, well if you join a business that has too many members chances are that the market as big as it is has been saturated and it will probably be fruitless for you.

If you join a company that has two or three members it has just launched and hey it could be  the next best thing but hey we are not that savvy yet to know what is going to sky rocket or flopp yet time will help you there.

When you first start or in a lot of cases restarting play it safe, nothing with- out-rages claims, we want something that has say 50 to 100 members that offers Live Training and an up-line you can talk too.

You want a mid-range entry cost to start with spending $300 dollars upwards is just plum silly unless you have the money to blow but just because it is a more expensive venture does not mean you will get rich quicker, the reality is a lot of people online have little or no money at all.

• Nothing From Nothing Is Nothing
• I have a rule I suppose  and that is if I couldn’t afford something if I was unemployed then don’t buy it,  that’s a flexible rule more of a guide because if I don’t spend any money then I won’t make any.
• Be sensible is my point

I started with a budget Hmmm second time around with only $50 dollars and now my monthly budget is around $150 and I am not touching my bank any more.

How? Rob How?

I learnt the “ONE THING”,  ( I am horrible aren’t I) almost there

You already know about advertising and that you can do for free so I will skip that part.

What I did from start to finish
I made a decision to too split Internet Marketing in to two categories 1, Advertising and 2, Product and would not do both and a Friend of mine ( Glenn Stone ) Coined a Phrase
 “  You can’t chase two rabbits at the same time”
This is so true almost all Marketers chase from one rabbit hole to the next but when you are starting or restarting resist the urge.

I made a plan to put all my efforts into selling Advertising because I figured and I was Right everybody needs Advertising and they do, so I leased a site and it was great because I had a readymade list to promote to every day.
Everybody online will tell you the money is in the list SO TRUE I promoted the hell out of that site and was able to lease another one and so on until I leased 4 sites.

I then wanted to stop riding the bus as it where and wanted to own the bus so step by step I have done that and now I still lease those four sites and own a further 7 sites, 2 Solo Ad Sites plus 3 Affiliate Programs (selling Advertising) and 4 Matrix sites all giving away Advertising to my sites.

Remember from that Original $50 investment

Never spending more than what I could afford and this is now where we come to THE ONE THING

The One Thing Is This
The One Thing is what all successful people know and use every day when they wake up before they go to sleep, it is so simple and it is not a key or a secret formula but if you know and understand it will become that key.

When you turn on your computer every day is you chase two rabbits at the same time so don’t pick either Advertising or Product and Promote, Promote, Promote and then Promote some more because only when you realize that persistence consistency and more persistence will get you started even when you learn a lot more always go back to basics and that is Promote, Promote, Promote and Persistence.

Do not give up on what you have decided, I know a lot of people say set goals well a goal is a dream that has a plan and only with persistence will realize your dream but focus on the plan not the dream it will come.

The one constant throughout Internet Marketing History is not what you have but who you tell it to and how you tell it.  My most successful Advertising Campaign has only 5 words in it but I tell the 5 words every day all day and it is the same product I promote every day I do not waver and from the day I restarted my online business I have not deviated and will not because I know if I do get distracted or get too clever I will Fail.

This may seem like a cheesy ending but if you truly understand the “one thing”, I guarantee that having an Online Business will earn an income and
You can Skype me ( froofy3) if you want to learn how I Did It.



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Feb 19th 2011 at 10:05 AM by GTBulmer
Hello, Rob: It looks like you are saying that advertising and promotion are the one key element to assure marketing success. I agree. There can be many factors that a person can tweak and improve in the process, but knowing what you are selling, why you are selling it, how it benefits your targeted prospects ... and then telling as many people as often as possible about it is certainly the Key. GT :-)
Feb 17th 2011 at 3:06 PM by 4SFI
I like it. Thanks.

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