The old saying if it sounds too good....

Mar 11th 2012 at 9:00 PM

The old saying if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is!

That is true but the word probably is what people seem not to notice in that statement. If that is totally true, there would not be the people driving the $100K cars and such. But you have to know how to do your due diligence. Most people that overlook that word have lost their dream or just were taught not to have dreams. Or tried once and found out that the word work is involved. It is so sad that things happen and kill dreams. You get so excited when someone shows you how you can make enough to have the kinds of houses, cars and such you have only dreamed of. But 3 to 6 months down the road you still made a big fat zero. When this happens it does make a person start to think very negative. The one thing you have to do is don't give up. Just keep on trying. When you quit is when your dreams die. If something doesn't work like it should don't quit.

What is too good to be true?

Well that is according to whom you ask.

"Make $10K a month part time"

If you make $25 to $30,000 a year that probably sounds too good. But if you make $100 to $200,000 a year it probably sound more realistic. But for someone that hasn't been told it can't be done by some negative person, they are ready to make it happen. It makes me really mad at the ones that take advantage of these. It took me around 10 years of trying to finally make any money. There were times I said I was through trying. But then a while later I got up and went at it again. Then after lots of ups and downs I started seeing things happen. The best I have ever done was a year and a half ago or so. I made $10k in 3 weeks. The biz I am in right now I made $2000 in 3 days. I don't say this to impress anyone. There is a lot out there that would not be impressed but laugh.

I just want people to know that for a fact it can be done and is done all the time.

So if you want $500 or $5000 extra or if you want to kiss that 9 to 5 good-by it can be done. But you have to be willing to do what it ever it takes. And the dirty word work is in there.

There are a lot of get rich scams out there and the scam artists play on people’s greed. That is why you have to search and find out which ones are true opportunities.

I can show you and help you but what really happens is up to you.

So if you really want it go get it!

Sherry Dossey

skype: sherry.dossey


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