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The Most Important Aspect of our Lives

Aug 7th 2010 at 5:25 AM

The one thing all of us need to know is that every human creature living on this planet is a spirit with an outer covering of physical matter and that the latter possesses no consciousness as a living entity at all. In other words, if it weren’t for our spirit, there would be no life in our human bodies whatsoever.

This spirit-life, therefore, is what energizes every fibre of our physical covering. That means that every organ within our physical body “lives” as a result of the spirit life-force within. Our brain is the machine room, “fused”, so to speak, to the spirit, receiving instructions from the spirit for the purpose of instantaneously animating the body in accordance with the movement and thoughts of the spirit-creature within. It is also the spirit that “programmes” the brain to take care of bodily functions such as performance, healing and craving for particular nutritional food substances needed by the body.

Our brain has no ability whatsoever to conjure up thoughts or store memory, even although it might feel like it’s all happening up there. We even have the tendency to point to our heads when conveying the idea to others that we are busy thinking and making up our minds about something. There is no mind up there. The mind belongs to the spirit and probably is located in the area of the brain for no other reason than proximity to this vital organ, which is why we tend to attribute our intelligence and thoughts to our brain.

The heart of our spirit-life is where all of our memories are stored, our emotions are generated and our intellectual processes take place. Only our spirit – and its consciousness as a living entity - has the capacity to hold and handle such a vast volume of storage, intellectual ability and individuality. The heart of our spirit is, therefore, the very core of our spirit-life.

There is a mechanism for the expression of the thoughts and intent of the heart to the surrounding world of fellow creatures. It is the mind of the spirit that performs this duty. It takes from the heart, deliberates, and then instructs the brain to deliver by means of speech and action. However, the mind can be a deceitful component of the spirit, perhaps manipulating the true feelings of the heart to portray a different picture to the world, hence the expression, “my mind says yes but my heart says no”.

An infant spirit grows and develops in line with its physical environment, upbringing, education and general experiences, which determines the nature of the spirit’s character and personality. All of it is expressed through the physical body in word and deed.

A child locked up in a room for many years by callous, sadistic parents will have experienced the confines of four walls for all those years and will have knowledge of very little else and will, therefore, be little more than a vegetable spirit. This means that the human brain of such a spirit will not have been expanded in activity in order to convey and express the knowledge base (in this case virtually zero) of the heart of the spirit. The mind of the heart of such a spirit is likely to be more feeble than meek.

God is a spirit and he created many forms of spiritual beings (such as angels) including the spirit of man.  The reason for clothing the human spirit with a physical body was to make him stay put on this speck of dust hurtling around the sun – and for him to take care of this planet with all of its fauna and flora. Of course, there’s a whole lot more to it, but the one thing we should remain aware of is the fact that we were created in the image and after the likeness of God. This means that we are very capable as creative spiritual beings when it comes to earthly endeavours and that nothing is impossible for us.

The point of all of this? Being part of the spiritual Life of God, we are locked in to God’s spirit and He knows every single thought within our spiritual hearts, including the motives behind those meditations and the actions that follow. And not believing in God does not mean that God is shut out from an unbeliever’s spirit. So there is no escape for such a person. We are all totally locked in to this fact.

So, if you are a user of this modern technology called the internet, remember that you are a spiritual being trying to grab the attention of other spiritual beings. And as an internet marketer, you remain a spiritual being. Don’t think that you can lie to, cheat and steal from other spiritual beings with questionable ploys and products presented with sales pitches meant for a kindergarten class - and get away with it. You are an unfinished, spiritual open book and the chapters that follow might not end up to your liking.

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Oct 16th 2011 at 6:47 PM by TimRR
I agree with Dee very good
Nov 26th 2010 at 7:52 PM by deewest
I shared your Article on Face book Also I have downloaded your ebook and will be reading it here in a minute. Great Job Looking forward to reading more have a wonderful and Blessed Weekend Dee

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