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The most important and the most forgotten aspects of web content writing

Jan 5th 2016 at 12:00 AM

Every web content writer has his or her own style of writing but there are always some basic aspects of writing that must never be ignored. This article attempts to discuss some of the tips for writing quality online content as well as remind you of one of the most important, yet forgotten aspects of content writing.

The beginning of a Write-Up:

A welcome note, though a nice gesture on the part of the web content writer, is often perceived by the reader as useless filler. Your aim should be to get to business as soon as possible. Always remember to shorten your text to the easiest, readable version as you must understand your readers are most often visiting the site for business purposes with little time in hand for reading literary pieces. The title of the article must also convey the message about the subject of the writing clearly and precisely.

Body of the Write Up:

It is always wise to use short, concise paragraphs for web and SEO based content writing. Bulleted lists and short paragraphs make it easier to engage readers’ attention towards the subject. An inverted pyramid model can be followed where the most important and striking information is placed at the top of the article to immediately capture the attention of the reader who stumbles upon the article on the web. Headings and subheadings also play an important role in keeping the readers engaged. Often, arrangement of the article into distinct sections, each with its own subheadings renders the SEO writing more approachable to the reader.

Punctuations in Writing:

Bold and italics need to be used very cautiously. Too much use of either can distort your article and make it a pain to read. Underlining articles can also be a big mistake since underlining on the web is often associated with hyperlinks. You may mislead your readers to believe your underlined sentence leads to some URL. Similar to bold and italics, all caps is also considered to be hard to read and must be used to the minimum extent possible. Exclamation points also make your SEO writing look unprofessional and its use must be discarded and instead you must allow your writing to speak for itself.

Link, Link and Link: It is very important to show how well you have researched an article by linking points in the article to the original sources. It also eases the work of the readers in searching the net for the source information provided by you. Instead of linking using a ‘click here’ followed by the source url, it is best to insert a hyperlink within the article itself at the relevant points. Most users like the links to be 4-8 words in lengths. If your article is of a reasonable length and easily readable, you must try to avoid the jump anchor link as much as possible. Allow your readers to browse through your entire article instead. Link you articles as much as possible. For example, when you are mentioning a hotel you stayed in, link to its website, when you are mentioning a faculty of an  university, link to his/her resume or when you are using an email address, be sure to hyperlink it.

If you follow the above tips most carefully, you will definitely flourish as a web content or SEO writer in this competitive world.




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