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Sep 16th 2010 at 9:41 AM

When you’re working, do you get baffled because matters don't seem to be going on the way they’re supposed to be You see individuals hanging around but nothing gets realized. And in the day-to-day hustle and bustle, do you feel that your goals stay just that – goals. Then perhaps its time for you to get up and do something about it.

Many individuals are content just to stand about listening for orders. And it isn't strange to adopt a follow-the-leader mentality. But perhaps, someplace inside of you, you feel the desire to make things occur – to equal the head, not the tail. Some individuals believe that good leaders are made, not born. Yes, it might be true that some individuals are born with innate talents. But, without practice, without drive, without exuberance, and without experience, there may be no true evolution in leadership.

You must likewise remember that great leaders are continually working and learning to improve their innate skills. This takes an allegiance to constantly improve in whatever enterprise an individual chooses.

Firstly, let's specify leadership. To be a leader, one must be able to mold others to achieve a goal, or a target. He contributes to the organization and cohesion of a group. Different than what most individuals think, leadership isn't about power. It isn't about hassling people or driving them utilizing fear. It's about encouraging other people towards the goal of the organization. It's putting everybody on the same page and helping them see the big picture of the organization.

Individuals follow other people when they see a clear purposefulness. Individuals will only follow you if they see that you recognize where you're going. If you yourself don't know where you're headed to, probabilities are people won't follow you in the least.

You must Understand the vision of the organization. Bearing a clear sense of hierarchy, who to talk to, the organization's goals and targets, and how it works is the only way to show other people you know what you're doing.

Being a leader isn't about what you make other people do. It's about who you are, what you Understand, and what you do. You're a reflection of what you're subordinates have to be.

The manner in which you deal with your individuals and the kinships you build will lay the foundation for the effectiveness of your group. The firmer your relationship, the stronger their trust and assurance is in your capabilities.

Communication is a really crucial key to great leadership. Without this you can't be a great leader. The knowledge and technical expertise you have must be distinctly imparted to others.  Likewise, you can't be a great leader and unless you have great judgment. You must be able to evaluate situations, weigh the pros and cons of any conclusion, and actively seek out a resolution.

You ought to realize and capitalize on the skills and talents your subordinates have. Only if you come to this fruition will you be able to work as one cohesive team.

Remember being a leader takes a great deal of work and time. It isn't learned overnight. Remember, likewise, that it isn't about just you. It's about you and the individuals around you.

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