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11 hours ago

The Market Approaches a Top - What Can Be Expected?

Mar 17th 2020 at 1:48 AM

Climbing the success ladder and standing atop the management hierarchy is every professional's dream. If you should be too an operating professional, don't you aspire to be one of the senior management 1 day? Don't you want to be on another side of the table - commanding, leading from the most effective, and setting a good example for most to follow? It's not easy definitely; getting there توثيق حسابات انستقرام requires immaculate efforts, and of course, the requisite skills.


One among such most vital skills is marketing. Doesn't sound very common in regards to senior management roles, right? But yes, it's a skill that's highly valued by employers today across organisations. It's, in fact, among the pivotal competencies of a powerful senior manager. We, at Times TSW, can help you explore why and how marketing skills form an inevitable trait for senior management roles, in this article below.


Marketing Skills Form the Core of the Senior Management's Responsibilities


If you believed that marketing is a task restricted to the creative marketing department of one's organisation, it's time to rethink. Competition in the corporate world has had marketing competencies directly to the lap of each employee therein. And, once you start focusing on augmenting them, you'd soon start treading the road of success.


This is because managers must know how to promote their specific product/idea in the market amid cut-throat competition. Because of this, they need to polish a few of the basic marketing competencies such as for instance:


Effective communication

Communication may be the lifeblood of a group lead/manager. That's common knowledge. Nonetheless it shouldn't you need to be limited to interpersonal or in-house communication. Marketing is a type of professional communication that takes place between organisations (B2B), in addition to with potential and existing customers (B2C). In the event that you exactly know how to market your service idea outside the four walls of your enterprise, you'd be doing immense good to the latter in addition to to yourself.


Out-of-the-box approaches

What's the most impactful quality of a senior manager? Their ability to believe out from the box for the absolute most trivial or critical issues available; to supply creative solutions when needed. Marketing skills require you to develop analytical thinking towards project goals and requirements and present innovative ways to attain them, both to your team along with your customers.


Keeping pace with technology

Technological changes have seeped into every phase of work functions today. You may be section of any domain in your organisation, be it IT, marketing, finance, HR, or any other, you do have to adapt you to ultimately fast-paced changes all along so as to surpass the competition.


Moreover, you need to watch open for cues all along. For instance, keep a check if the standard method of advertising the project idea are failing to attain desired results? See if digital marketing is the brand new trend on the market that can put across your message more effectively? Find out and focus on your marketing strategies in respect with changing technologies.


Efficient collaboration

Marketing competencies also involve effective coordination with other departments of the organisation as you focus on your product. This might require you to sit with the design team to ready your product design/logo for promotion, or spending some time with the research team to analyse consumer survey data.


Since all of these activities form a part of marketing, it's a good idea to really have a working knowledge of these essential skills so as to qualify for senior management roles.


How Can Executive Education Help?


Marketing may be the backbone of any company today. Your product literally has no value until it's promoted effectively in the market. And this is often why each department must possess marketing skills to stay in and beat the competition.


To help the ambitious professionals of the 21st-century sharpen their marketing skills and make their way to the senior management roles, the prestigious IIM Kozhikode has introduced its Executive Post Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management (EPGCMM) programme. The one-year Interactive Learning course is targeted at providing specialised marketing management training to executives, helping them grow into senior management positions inside their respective organisations. The Executive Post Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management (EPGCMM) programme can be attended in some of the Times TSW centres across India, and the sessions are delivered live with a technology platform by none other nevertheless the senior faculty from IIM Kozhikode. So come and join the EPGCMM programme to augment your marketing skills and rise as the most effective in the field.




We are residing in the age of Internet Marketing, also called Content Marketing. Here, online visibility is crucial, to stay at the top and relevant, and make more money.

If you do not have a good web presence, and aren't busy promoting and expanding your organization, via effective Internet Marketing, you won't survive for long.


What's Internet Marketing?


Oahu is the new age marketing of a small business or brand and its products and services within the Internet, through different tools, employing content, e-mails, search and paid media strategies, to simply help drive traffic, leads and sales.

Internet Marketing techniques are generally organic naturally, but these (the techniques) could be paid as well.

Organic internet marketing might not result in great results instantly, but it'd help businesses grow and expand eventually, if done the best way.


Content Marketing is the Future


According to a study, 91% of businesses, across the planet, feel that Internet Marketing is definitely an indispensable and exciting marketing tactic.

Content Marketing involves offering valuable, readable and steady content. Oahu is the marketing of the present and future.

It stimulates, educates, and guides prospects, and builds trust, authority and connections. When it happens, and when you offer help and value to your web visitors and prospects, they reward you by becoming your visitors and utilizing your products & services.


Content Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing


Content Marketing is Inbound Marketing and not Outbound Marketing, also referred to as Traditional Marketing. By and large, the latter is interruptive, obstructive, and invasive, besides being costly.

A research indicates that, presently, 615+ million devices on the planet have adblockers.

What does it mean?

This means traditional marketing might not be very effective.

As per another study, Content Marketing or Internet Marketing is 62% less costly, vis-à-vis the original marketing although it pulls over 3 times more business and profits.

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