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Mar 20th 2011 at 7:44 AM

Team Zubrainy5, or Z5 for short, is a Team Formed with the purpose of joining our 3 Base Programs as a Team.  If done as a Team we can all be making over $7000 per month in less than a year, from just one program. Individually it would take much longer. The other 2 combined will add approx $35,000 over time.

The Base Programs were chosen because they are Forced Matrices. They load you into the Matrix, in the next available position, after payment is received, this will ensure no holes. To join Team Zubrainy5, earning your position on our team, thus your position of entry into each of the programs we are joining, you will be required after joining the forum to go the Committed Thread and say Yes I will be committed to the Team. We will not load into the programs until we have at least 250 to start. This will also give you time to make the proper payment arrangements as explained in the forums.  You will need to set aside $43 for first launch. Majority of Members will receive $30 back immediately after launch, you will see how shortly.

When it comes time to launch we will send the 3 links to members in order of receiving their commitment, so after joining forum go their first. The first launches will take time to complete as we want to do them manually to insure fairness to all.

If we can all try to get at least 1 New Committed Person to the Team each month, we will reach that goal of over $7000 in less than 6 months. Each Member will be required to be a part of the first 4 launches after they've joined, and the last 3  will be paid for out of your profits. After that you can continue to launch if you like, simply by committing to the next launch by messaging Admin to keep you in line. If no message is received, you will be taken out of the line to receive links automatically.

Before the First Launch, Team Members will promote the Team link only. There is no required amount of advertising the link, but we hope everyone will at least get 200-500 hits a week on the link for us. It will only benefit us all by growing faster. Once you've paid and joined the 3 programs, you may promote your individual links as well. These programs allow you unlimited positions, which fits into our plans nicely. If already a member to any or all of these sites, You may still join the Team and get another position.

As an added bonus for being in our Z5 Community, You will be able to post in our downline builder for Free and One Time Payment programs, you will build up your social networking as we will be sharing our links with each other, this will help us all bond and get to know each other better. For TE Owners, there will be a thread for downline builder where you can recruit members by offering bonuses. We will try to keep things interesting while the Team grows, so you'll want to visit daily.

There is a category for Other Team Builds. This is here because, we don't want anyone to drop their current Teams, This should be in addition to whatever you belong to. That is why there is no surfing requirements as to not interfere with your current Team requirements. If you are interested in joining these other Team Builds, feel free to do so. Most have monthly reoccurring program fees, which we try to avoid. I belong to them and each has their own good qualities. I will continue to be with them unless this Team, with 4 launches, gets us over $10,000 per month, I won' t be greedy.

As time goes on, we may add other Optional programs to go into, but not mandatory.

I will go over the 3 Base Teams in a separate  Thread to keep you in suspense.

Requirements to Join Us

First, if not using Gmail, make a Gmail account to use for this Team. When signing up for the programs Gmail seems to have no problem receiving the welcome email to verify account. For each new position you will need a new email address, so keep that in mind as well. If you know your email provider has been receiving verification emails then by all means stick with it, but having separate emails for the Team makes it easier to keep track of things.

Secondly, You need to Have an Alertpay Account - This is the preferred payment processor of all 3 Programs.
If you don't have one, go to and make an account. After making the account, when possible fund the account with at least $43 for the first launch. Signups go much smoother if using balance in account than using credit card.

Thirdly, You must be able to commit to the Team as a Team Player, helping the Team grow, and keep as active in the forum as you can, updates will be posted there, to cut down on constant emails.

Don't forget to see what Programs are our Base.

So, if you are interested in Joining Us, Join the Forum at and go to the Committment Thread to get started. Introduce yourself and enjoy yourself as we all help each other to become Financially Independent.


NOTE:  Much of the content of this article came from information posted by the team's founder:  my friend and coworker, Bill.

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Apr 24th 2011 at 10:08 PM by Bizkitman
This Team is so Great! We now have 98 members and we are anxiously waiting for the completion of Krazy Rabbit. WTG Team!
Mar 24th 2011 at 12:17 PM by Bizkitman
Well done, I have now added a short update to my article mentioning the addition of Krazy Rabbit and how we can make it affordable to cover costs of our base programs at launch.
Mar 20th 2011 at 2:25 PM by GTBulmer
Hello, Chareford: Thanks for posting this information. Team building is a great process for marketing success and it looks like your group has some excellent programs in place to assist the members. GT :-)

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