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Oct 28th 2010 at 3:35 PM


The L Team is a revolutionary new system to help make money using affiliate marketing programs!

Ok.. so what is this?


The L Team uses a unique method we developed called "The Layer Method"


We are a sales team of affiliate and network marketers who work as a team to sell the top products in affiliate marketing today. We work together to promote and sell each other's products. We are seperated into varying "Layers" within our team and we rotate between the top and best selling affiliate products available today. We rotate our Layers and stack them to fill each layers matrix. We recruit together, we work together, we sell together, we profit, together.


Members join our team and are seperated into Layers. Each layer consists of approximately 200 members. The layers are then applied to build down lines in a shotgun style sign up to each of our primary products.


Multiple Primary products: We have 1 primary mandatory product, 1 primary optional product, and multiple optional sign up share products. These products range from $15-$20. Our primary and sign up share products work using a sign up rotator. With the primary products, members are prioritized by points and the highest point users get earlier turns in the rotator. We also use a shotgun style sign up method to maximize downline growth in bursts. The optional primary product(s) are available only to members who have joined the mandatory product, and also uses our sign up rotator. This product offers lucrative sign up bonuses when you receive new direct referrals. This product will be given priority to those on the bottom of our mandatory product, in essence the matrix will be flipped so members who are holding the bottom of one product will be earning a profit in the other, and vice versa. A large down line is absolutely guaranteed in both products, though as we grow it may begin to take some time before you come up in the rotator. However these shotgun style sign ups will provide spill over so you can start earning fast.


Multiple Sign up Share products: You also have the option of joining our sign up share products. These two products range from $5-$10. These products use a sign up rotator that is prioritized to users with the smallest down lines. These products are for outside, non-team members, as well as for team members. How this works is that you advertise either your own or our pre-made splash pages for these optional products and our sign up rotator url. Everyone benefits from each other's efforts here because for example person A might be using Sweeva as their primary traffic exchange, while person B might be using StartXChange as their primary traffic exchange, and person C might be sticking with Text Ads, and meanwhile our team is purchasing CPC and CPM advertising for this URL. Since it is a sign up share all three of those people are benifiting from each other's advertising, and in exchange they are splitting their sign ups. This exponentially increases their advertising exposure for these products thus increasing the audience and sign ups. These are forced matrix products where our members benefit from spillover as well as their referrals building their own down lines within your individual matrix. They are designed to build small down lines quickly to start earning some profit, while the primary products are designed to build large down lines, but may be a bit slower.



We know that this combination of products will help you not only achieve long term profits, but also short term profits to help you cover your expenses.


We are a very adaptive team, we pride ourselves in our ability to constantly adapt, change, and evolve to a constantly changing base of products.


Everyone knows by now that you really don't have good odds of accomplishing affliate, network, or multi-level marketing without the power of teamwork. We all know the old Acronym for TEAM - Together We Achieve More. Well this is entirely true. The way this team works is everyone puts in an hour or so a week collecting credits on traffic exchanges, talking to their friends, posting blog entries, and promoting the product. Once you and your friends see it and want to give it a shot, you join up with our site.


You pay absolutely nothing to join our team. Make an account, check out the forum, browse around.. think about it.. read this page a few times and really take into consideration what it is you put in, and what you are going to get out, then make an informed decision.


Our team recruits collectively, as one solid team movement, we use shotgun style sign ups to explode your downline, this maximizes your income earnings for a given period. Our layers consist of 200 members. Each layer that is completed, is 200 more people buying your products, and recruiting for more sales.


Like you, I have tried a similar team before, and it seems forced matrices tend to get to a point to where it is too big to fill. The problem inherent with a lot of these other teams is that they are focusing on 1 matrix, and relying on spillover to fill layers. They go from one layer of 729 to trying to fill a layer of 2,187. That lesson did not go right past me like it does a lot of people. What's the problem here? Focusing on 1 matrix all the way down. We don't do that here. Using our sign up rotator, we work on each member's matrix individually, generating as many as 25 direct referrals for each user per sign up, and continue working down the matrices. The key here is that you will never have to wait for thousands of people to join before you start earning your downline, no layer will ever need to be larger than 200 people. We work on your matrix. Everyone knows the only person who makes money on these products is the person on the top, well with this team, that's not just one person, everyone gets their turn at the top. Some people may not like sign up rotators because they have to "wait their turn" but keep in mind that our shotgun sign ups generate several levels in each matrix, so most people will have a down line as soon as they sign up, and others will start to get spill over referrals while they are "waiting their turn." So while you promote the team and build points moving your way up the matrix queue, you are not only making enough money to pay your monthly product fees, but also taking in some profits, and trust me, this makes waiting a lot easier. Since we keep our layers small, they move fast, usually we have completed a layer within 2 to 4 weeks.


We reward active members, our team members who accumulate more points will have the first shot at the sign up rotator, while everyone will still continue to build a down line via spill over, the top performers will have the first opportunities to gain a larger down line using our unique sign up rotator. Each user will have a turn with our sign up rotator until they have received a specified downline size depending on the product.


Keeping layers small makes them move faster, but also increases member retention. Some teams you may have been in before will take sometimes several months before their next wave or layer is launched, by this point you have paid $60-$100 or even more in monthly fees out of pocket, and have been promoting for 6 months or more, without getting a thing in return, a lot of people at this point will quit or leave the team, not that I can blame them. Now their spots have to be filled before the next layer, which makes it take even longer. What a mess! Thankfully we don't have that problem, keeping layers at 200 members means that your first few levels are filled fast, we want you to start making money, even though it won't be $1,000 or more a month overnight, but we'll get you started and in the right direction fast to get you earning so you can at least be making some money while your matrix is filled. People like you and me will see this action and see our downlines being filled and want to keep going, it's a no brainer.


Another benefit of our small layers is that as opposed to being forced to recruit 2, 3, 5, or even 10 members each person before it moves on, the longer it goes, the less effort it takes. As we grow 200 members at a time, we are still only always recruiting 200 people. Example, After the first layer, we will have 200 people, and need to recruit 200 people to move on, that's only 1 recruit per person. After that layer, we will have 486 people, and still only need to recruit 200, that's 1 recruit per 2 members, and after that it gets even easier.


Despite the fact that each member needs minimal recruits, we like to remind everyone that staying active means we will continue to grow and build faster, which makes everyone a winner because our downlines all grow faster. To enforce this and prevent freeloaders we have a strict rule that each member is required to average 1,000 points a month. Points are earned by splash page views, profile views, blog posts, article posts, tweets, facebook shares, and main page and profile views with your referral ID. Those of us who are familiar with traffic exchanges will know how easy 1,000 splash page views per MONTH really is, and those that are not, when you join stop by our forum and let us help you!


If you are a person who also wants to recruit your own downline while you wait for a layer to fill, you are totally welcome to do so. If you have some amazingly effective downline building strategy, we would like you to share it with us on the forums, but also you may use it to begin growing your own downline as the next layer builds. You still need to achieve your 1,000 points per month, but you are also welcome to promote your own affiliate links on the side. Once you are in our matrix, anything that benefits you, benefits our matrix. The more you recruit on your own, the faster our matrix can grow. Be aware though that this is not required or even asked of our members, all we ask of everyone is to get your minimum 1,000 points a month and maintain membership of the products active for your layer.


We have an absolutely totally unique support system, we are here in the forums and there is a contact link on every page of our website so if you ever have a question or need assistance you can contact us and ask for help without even a second thought or bit of trouble. We also have a public account system. This account is funded by members. In your times of hardship or times of need, you can request access to these funds to help you pay your product fees, just keep in mind when you succeed in this team we ask you to return the money when possible. Also keep in mind that availability and demand may vary so they may not always be available or you may be on a waiting list to receive funds.


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