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Aug 21st 2010 at 3:57 AM

I'm a very hard people when it comes to invest in a program because i really want to make sure my investment will be save and it have to be earned back very quick.

After viewing 100's of kooday pages i decided to give it a try and currently i'm happy that i joined.

Currently i own 150+ keywords and they are valued $100+. You probably think thats not much but a lot of the keywords are only valued $0.1 because i'm the first owner of them. Some of these keywords have a much higher value and this is how you can make some quick profits. Yesterday i bought the keyword "adexchange" for only $0.1 and this night it was sold for $4.42 so i made a nice profit with that keyword. Imagine that i can sell a few keywords with this kind of profit, my investment will be earned back in no time.

The higher your investment is the more money you earn because you can buy keywords with a high value but even with a small investment you can earn a lot.

my quick guide:

I searched for some cheap common words that most people use in the marketing world, program names and terms. i sold some names and some of them (more common words) i bought back to increase the value. The other money i used to buy some other words and did the same with the new words so now i have some common keywords with a nice value and a lot of keywords with a low value. Some of these low value keywords will be sold for more than the minimum bid and thats all 100% profit because the value of the higher valued keywords almost cover my investment.

Why do you want to buy your sold keywords back? Higher valued keywords are harder to sell so you will be the owner for a longer time. When people advertise and use a keyword you own you earn some money with it. So the longer you own a good keyword the more times you get paid by people that use your keywords and when your keyword finally is sold you got your investment back. So good keywords are good to buy back but don't go to high with the prize.

Start trading in keywords with kooday here.



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Sep 28th 2010 at 5:17 PM by 1youcantoo
I Need Help Reaching GOLD http://kooday.forumotion.in/keyword-trading-f2/300-keywords-for-sale-t1074.htm Great Site to buy and Sell keywords Hope All is Well. Take Care *Meekin*

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