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The Key To Maximizing Your Long Term Residual Income Depends On The Right Primary Business!

Apr 16th 2011 at 1:39 AM

Do you have the right primary Business and are you able to build a longterm income from home, even if you would be on vacation for over 3 month or so? Residual Income comes with the right business opportunity.Period!
Bottom Line - For true long term success, and the kind of financial & time freedom most people are dreaming of you need to get yourself a solid primary business...But, keep in mind, not all primary businesses are created equal.

What Have We Learned Along The Way About The Selection Of A Primary Business?

This is an outline for you to follow when selecting a solid opportunity in Network Marketing...

All I am hoping to accomplish here is help people overcome some of the obstacles that have been encountered countless 'pioneers' in the industry and many thousands of others are currently facing…if you don't choose the right Primary Business, you will have a massive uphill battle on your hands!I look for 4 critical elements whenever someone approaches me with a business, and I want to pass them along for you to use in selecting and evaluating your Primary business to partner with, that will provide you with Long-Term Financial Freedom.

The Products

Products MUST be a viable product in the market place, with at least 50 Billion Dollars/Year currently being sold of THE PRODUCTS YOU HAVE (Not just an 'area' like health and wellness).Competition is also something to consider, if there are 20 other almost identical offers (companies) out there it will be much harder for you to stand out.

Company Stability

The ability to give you long-term business and financial security. We are in this industry for RESIDUAL INCOME - If the company you choose to partner with goes out of business in a year, tomorrow, or even 5 years from now you might as well have been working at a J.O.B.You will be able to base this on the company, the corporate team that runs it, business history, and current trends..example: The cost of technology, or services like long distance are always going down.

Marketing Freedom

You MUST be able to market your primary business! They call you an 'independent distributor' and they don't pay you a fixed salary, right? So they should not be able to dictate how you can promote your business. Make sure there are multiple strategies that you can use to build the business with. Remember, what will work for you may not work for someone else...we are all different. Some of the companies out there even discourage the use of the internet to promote! (what century are we in?)

Compensation & Incentives

Maximize your income based on your efforts. There are many companies out there paying minimum wage! Yes, it exists in our industry too - not just the restaurant industry ;)

Not all compensation plans are created equal...Here's what to look for:

* Must payout at least 50% of Sales
* Must offer Unlimited Depth within compensation plan.
* Must offer Fast Start Bonuses (preferably paid weekly or faster, so new members can get into profit right away).
* Must offer other Rewards and Recognition.
* You must be able to achieve true residual income. (one time sales do not lend themselves to real residual income


Whatever you do,make sure you get involved  in a business opportunity that meets these criteria.

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