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The irrational fear about fitness and weight loss

Apr 9th 2015 at 12:09 AM

Body slimming can be highly emotional. There’s a great degree of insecurity involved. There exist a lot of irrational fears. Some of these are more common than others, but they are all potentially damaging.
“If I lift too heavy, then I become too bulky”This is a fear that is common among women which usually want to get a feminine figure — firm and toned, but not bulky. The fear of getting bulky by lifting too heavy is vastly exaggerated. For women, it is highly unlikely to ever become one. Most women do not have the genetic makeup to produce a big muscle growth. They will find it very hard and impossible to get bulky as men do. Most of them cannot get bulky at all. It’s a gradual process. Do not fear this. It’s also very effective for fat loss.
“If I eat late, I will gain weight” Eating at nighttime is linked to weight gain because it is often a symptom of emotional eating. Many people who tend to eat at night, often in the wee hours of the morning, also tend to consume a lot of food during these episodes. However, for people who do not over eat, there is no harm in eating at night. For the most part, it is quantity that matters, not the time of the meal. If you don’t eat too many calories, you won’t gain weight. Sleep is very important for weight loss. If eating at night makes it harder for you to sleep, you should avoid it.
“If I do too much cardio, I will lose muscles”. This fear owes its origin to bodybuilding websites, magazines, and books which recommend that bodybuilders refrain from doing a lot of cardio. The reasoning is that doing too much cardio may inhibit muscle growth. This is due to the fact that you need a big calorie surplus to build lots of muscle mass and doing cardio burns a lot of calories without promoting real muscle growth. But most people shouldn’t worry about it. You can always tweak your diet or your workout routine if you feel that you’re losing muscle or not gaining it fast enough.
“If I reduce weight successfully, the weight will bounce back in the end” It’s true that many people who slim down end up getting it back. Even if you failed to maintain your weight loss in the past, it is always possible to succeed on the next try. Or if you are really afraid of weight rebound, you can use Zi Xiu Tang to prevent it, super slim can burn fat, decrease fat accumulation and increase metabolism, you will stay slim as you expect with the help of it.u can also visit our online store

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