The importance of Mindset is key throughout your life

Sep 20th 2010 at 8:31 AM

The importance of Mindset is key throughout your life. I was recently at a mindset seminar and throughout the day, the speaker would tell us of different stories throughout his career of people he has coached, met and became Friends with.

This particular story to me was quite inspiring for those that do NOT believe there is more to life than what has been generationally engrained in their minds their entire life, starting from childhood.

Jimmy had the traditional generation mindset. His Parents, Grandparents, and so on were butchers. So it was Jimmys destiny to become a butcher and follow in his Familys footsteps. Jimmy was working 70+ hours a week and was not making the money of what he thought he was worth. Then one day Jimmy was introduced to network marketing and thought he could definitely do this. He jumped in with both feet,bought every training kit, every seminar, every book he could get his hands on and couldn’t wait to start making it in this business!
Jimmy, read every book, watched every video, listened to all the audios and FAILED at his first network marketing venture. But being the Man that Jimmy was his passion to succeed in this industry was even stronger than ever. Long story short…Jimmy tried 17 more network marketing companies and FAILED!!!! He knew deep down to his core that if he tried just one more time, just one more, but Jimmys Wife was getting real upset with him because he had spent most of their life savings on all these ventures pursuing his dream. Now Jimmy is in his 19th network marketing company and here’s where all of his hard work, dedication,persistence and drive got him…Jimmy went on to make $400,000 a MONTH in the 19th company he tried and is the top earner! Now, Jimmy goes on the road and speaks to groups about never giving up and always having faith, even when it seems like nothing is going right. This is my absolute favorite part about Jimmys story, Jimmy was 80 years young when he was the Top Earner, simply amazing. Jimmy is now 84 and is engaged all around the world as a speaker to Network Marketing Companies.

“Jimmy The Butcher” is a real person, Google him and see for yourself.

The moral of this article is “Never give up on your dreams, NEVER.” Chances are you WILL run into heartache, frustration, tears, Friends and Family telling you you are crazy, but its your dream,
and YES you can make it realistic through perseverance, drive, passion and staying focused on the prize!

See you at the Top!

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Jul 30th 2012 at 2:59 AM by MariyaJohnson
Absolutely wonderful and inspiring. Actually even if You can't achieve what You want You'll live with a hope of it. And hope is the biggest blessing in life I think. http://www.positivepest.com/

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