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The Importance of Exhaust Manifolds

Dec 27th 2015 at 10:16 PM

An expert knowledge of your car’s inner workings is not required to be a competent driver. Most would agree, however, that a rudimentary understanding is helpful for pursuits such as diagnosing and repairing your vehicle. Some of the most important systems in a car are its brakes, its motor and its exhaust. Maintaining a basic level ofknowledge of these is key to keeping your car healthy. When it comes to your exhaust system, your exhaust manifolds are an essential-yet-often-overlooked part. Here are a few reasons they are so important to your automotive health.

The exact make of your car’s exhaust manifolds depends on the engine and kind of car you are working with. Most often, the manifolds will take the form of several pipes, but they can also be made of cast iron. When the cylinders in your engine burn gases from the exhaust, those gases are filtered through the exhaust system until they reach the tail pipe and are expelled. The manifolds in this systems are just one of several chambers of filtration, but if they are damaged and go unrepaired, they can cause even greater harm to your entire exhaust system.

Every single part of a car’s exhaust system works in conjunction with the others, so a leak or a crack can escalate into a bigger problem quickly. These problems are most commonly caused by the engine’s continuous changes in temperature. As your car runs, it will cycle through a range of very hot temperatures, and the fluctuations can damage your exhaust manifolds over time. Another cause of leakage is a broken mounting bolt. In this case, the attachment holding the manifolds in place has broken, so repairs can be complex.

Perhaps the most important function of exhaust manifolds, however, is their role in ensuring your safety. Fumes from your car’s engine contain carbon monoxide, so they are very poisonous to inhale. Exhaust manifolds work with the rest of your exhaust system to filter those fumes, direct them away from the driver and safely expel them through the car’s tailpipe. This basic function is essential to keeping driving safe for people, but a leak can compromise the manifolds’ ability to do this, and your health can suffer as a result. Keeping your exhaust manifolds in excellent condition protects you as well as your car.

If you suspect your exhaust manifolds may need attention from a mechanic, it is better to be safe than sorry. Visit this website for more information on exhaust manifold repair in Pacific Beach.


Author Bio:-

Justin is a certified car nut and writes about all car topics. He has a special interest in performance parts, wheels and rims. Share his enthusiasm at heavy vehicle guides blog.

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