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Shopping Sherlock is a web app that helps the consumer find the best price while shopping online.
1 year ago

The 'Grain of Rice' Story In this wonderful teaching tale from India,

Jul 1st 2010 at 9:12 PM

The 'Grain of Rice' Story

In this wonderful teaching tale from India, a clever village girl outwits a powerful raja through her ability to recognize a basic pattern common to many systems. That pattern is exponential growth.


At the beginning of the story, we are introduced to the raja as someone who believed he "was wise and fair, as a raja should be." Yet he requires villagers in his province to turn over almost all their rice for safe storage, leaving them only enough to get by. When a year of drought arrives, famine and hunger ensue. The villagers beg the raja to release some of the rice from the royal store but he refuses.


As his people become more and more famished, the raja decides to have a feast for him and his court. As a parade of elephants returns from the royal storehouses loaded down with sacks of rice, Rani, a clever village girl, walks behind them, collecting falling rice in her skirt. She is caught by the royal guards, but when they accuse her of stealing she tells them she is collecting the rice to return to the raja.


The raja, striving to be wise and fair, decides to reward her for returning his rice. He tells Rani: "Ask me for anything and you shall have it."


To the raja's great surprise, Rani asks for just one grain of rice. When the raja says that is not enough of a reward, she acquiesces and asks that he give her one grain of rice today. Then each day, for the following thirty days, he is to give her double the rice he gave her the day before. The raja considers this to be a modest request and readily agrees.

By the end of the thirty days, Rani has more than a billion grains of rice and the raja has no more to give. The raja, having learned an important lesson both about math and about fairness, promises to only take as much rice as he needs from now on.

Rani understood a mathematical phenomenon that can often be difficult to grasp: doubling anything, in this case rice, always leads to exponential, rather than linear, growth.


If we start out with 1, we then double it and get 2, then double it... 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048. We've jumped to a very large number in only 11 doublings.

And here is a fantastic way to turn this great story into practice. Leverage is key!


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