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2 years ago

The Fundamentals Of Success!

Jan 13th 2011 at 8:22 AM

I am going to give you the key to success in making money online in this article!  You canKey To Success! just skip to the end and save yourself some time ... if you do, you may not recognize the value of what is being offered to you.

Are you an open minded person?  Really?  If I called you on the phone (cold call), would you truly give me your time and attention and give genuine consideration to the information I shared with you?

If you answered, "yes", to those questions then maybe you can skip ahead and still benefit!

For many of us it takes both credibility and influence for someone to provide us information upon which we are willing to take immediate action.

Our outlook that will determine how quickly we extend the necessary credibility and influence to another person is the stuff attitude is made of ... and it usually overrides most other factors.  Many of us will jump to conclusion very quickly based on what we already think we know, so the challenge of someone bringing a new opportunity to us is to get us to accept additional information and help us weave it into our existing outlook.

My favorite definition of luck: When preparedness crosses paths with opportunity.  Many successful people will tell you that the harder they worked the luckier they became!


I think it was because they had a predisposition to see what many others were not prepared to accept.

Formal education prepares many for achievement in specialized fields because they become familiar with things that others are not knowledgeable of ... and therefore usually not too comfortable with.  Experience is a type of education that allows all of us to adjust our comfort level and regarding how open minded we are.

Many of us will accept and take action on information that we receive from someone that we think has credibility and influence with us.  We are measuring against the bank of Banana Peelingexperience that we have accumulated ... it might take additional deposits into that bank of experience in order to be able to embrace something new or different.  Just because something is better does not assure its acceptance.  Want a good example?  Read my article titled, "Best Practice From A True Expert" and take a look at how to peel a banana!  Maybe you benefited from an enlightened teacher and learned this "best practice", but most still do what they were taught to do initially ... habit is a powerful thing!

Be sure to follow the link on, "The 100th Monkey" too for the power and benefit of "word of mouth" for emphasis on the impact of credibility and influence.

Since many of us do not really get to know each other too well in our efforts to market products and services online, our credibility and influence may be limited ... and we are competing against many shrill voices vying for attention!  By the way, thank you if you are reading this sentence; you have honored me with time and attention and I truly appreciate it (and you). So it is incumbent of the power of the product/service to quickly be perceived as a good solution to achieving something YOU want/need.  Several of my other articles provide more detail of how and why I have decided on a particular program as my primary key to successfully making money online ... maybe the best out of the bunch is, "Will YOU Catch THIS Wave?"

A program/product delivery system that makes soooo much sense can be grasped by an open minded person even if it comes from a source with little credibility and influence ... delving into this company and its products/services will generate the confidence and credibility in short order.

So what IS the key to success in making money online?  I cannot improve on the messageGet In Front Of BIG Trends! Tim Sales delivered some 12 years ago, it is just as true today as it was then!  Do yourself a BIG favor and listen to Tim's brief video  (it is a very short 3 1/2 minutes).  Once you do you will know the key to making money online!

What puts you "...in front of the nose of the basketball" today?  Well, with someone becoming eligible for Medicare on average every 8 seconds for the next fifteen years in this country (U.S.)!  What if you could not only offer a product/service to the large majority of them (and the subsequent generations too) that already know and like?  What if you could also get many of them to in with you to employ word-of-mouth to tell others?!

Now you have the key!  I will be glad to help you unlock and step through the doorway so that you can begin, today, to benefit from being open minded!

Much success to you,


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