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The Four Categories Of Income Generation

May 12th 2012 at 6:47 AM

All people fit into one of 4 categories:

1. Employees who work for a wage: the working class back bone of the world.

2. The self employed who work for themselves: provide a service or product for their local communities.

3. Big Business and Corporations: who provide products and services on a global scale.

4. Investors, Banks, Lending and Financial Institutions: Their money makes money for them.

Ninety five percent of the world’s population fit into the first 2 categories, and they own or manage 5% of the world’s money and financial resources.

Five percent of the world’s population fit into the categories of 3 and 4, and they own 95% of the world’s financial and economic resources.

The first 2 Categories of income generators simply trade their physical bodies for a paltry weekly wage or monthly salary. As long as they are donating their time to the system, they receive compensation for that time.

The minute that they stop working, their income stops too.

After 40 to 50 years of dedicated and loyal service to their employers, they get to go to what is called retirement, and will usually receive a tiny subsidized income for the remainder of their lives as long as the live.

The 5% that live within category 3 and 4, do not make a living by trading their time for dollars, consequently, money flows into their lives like a river. Hundred of millions of working people contribute to the wealth of a few. These few simply need to work at managing the money that the masses are earning for them.

Out of the trillions and billions that they generate on an annual basis, a great percentage gets to be gleaned for personal living expenses and pleasure. Generation upon generation, living off of the residual, never ending incomes generated by the masses of humanity.

Community Wealth Builders Recognizes Your Need!!!

We Are Here To Help You Get Your Share!!!

We have devised a unique service to you our friends and neighbors!!!

By uniting the fiscal power and strength of the Community, we can take ourselves into the next levels of income generation. We no longer need to be simple minded working robots that trade our valuable time for a meager wage.

We now can enter into the higher categories of big business and the realms of world-class investors, and begin living off of the unified incomes generated by other people besides ourselves. By expanding our Economic Realm, we get to glean the Profits of the many, just as the truly wealthy have always done.

Community Wealth Builders has a Plan!!!

And our plan includes you!!!

You owe it to yourself, your family, and your progeny for many generations to come after you to explore the truly amazing possibilities that we have prepared for you.

Our Service to you is FREE!!!

Your success is important to us! We promise to work diligently for your benefit.

After all, until you become truly successful in transforming your lives, we do not make one penny for our time. But your success will generate a residual flow of capital, from which we could glean a small percentage.

Your Blessing becomes our Blessing!!!

Your Prosperity becomes our Prosperity!!!

Together we could move mountains…

Alexander Baghdanov

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