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The Down- Lowon Waxing

May 12th 2015 at 3:13 AM

Hair waxing is a great process for semi¬permanent hair removal, but it can bring up some questions. Getting the education before a waxing can help remove any fears.

The first thing to know about waxing is what happens on a micro¬level. A wax substance is applied to the hair on the skin and is given time to dry. The wax substance hardens around the hair. Then, the wax is pulled away. The wax that has encased the hair pulls all of the hair in that area.

That may sound painful, but it doesn’t have to be. When a professional removes the wax, it is pulled in line with the growth of the hair. This technique makes the process much less painful.

There are also a variety of materials and methods. Everyone has different skin and a different sensitivity. An esthetician can correctly plan on a waxing technique and material that will provide the best experience.

Not all waxing materials are actually wax as well. A sugar substance is often used in home kits. This can cause a small reaction on the skin depending on the person, but it tends to be less painless than the typical methods.

Remember, this is a non¬permanent solution. This means it lasts longer than a shave but it is not completely permanent. The hair is removed at the roots but it does grow back. Often this may take a month or two. The actual time for regrowth depends on the person and their nutrient intake.

The benefit of a professional waxing is it removes the threat of ingrown hairs. This improves skin health and prevents any sort of long term pain. Shaving or DIY waxing kits may cause ingrown hairs. For hair removal, waxing is the best option.

As a practice, waxing has been around for thousands of years and is tied to many cultural practices. There are no worries about long term damage because it has been historically practiced so effectively.

With waxing, there is a lot of trust in the applicant. Often, waxing professionals must remove hair in very sensitive areas. The best option is to work with someone who can be trusted. When looking for a medspa in Los Angeles, Dr. Berkley Skin + Body in Studio City has a premiere location and a long list of happy clientele.

About the Company:

Dr. Berkley Skin + Body is a medspa center situated in Studio City, CA. They are dedicated to provide beautiful skin with effectual laser hair removal, facials, skin tightening service in Los Angeles, CA & so many other treatments with the finest medical grade skin care products in Los Angeles, CA.

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