The Disillusion Factor

Jul 6th 2010 at 3:10 PM


I know there are a lot of people like yourself who spend countless hours daily in the pursuit of Internet wealth. The truth is 97% of you end up spending more money than you will ever make. It seems the only people making money are the ones who develop the thousands of programs that appear every day only to disappear shortly after with your money and the benefits of your hard work. They utilize what I call "The Disillusion Factor".

That is, after people lose interest or they get frustrated with the hot new program they have been busting their brains on they shift their attention to the next "hot new program" of the moment. The original program loses momentum and fails. The life span of the average "hot new idea" is roughly 2 to 3 months. Anything around longer than that might be of some substance.

But who benefits? The beneficiaries are the ones who create the programs. They don't care if the program fail because they simply go on to create new ones. They don`t even have to be much different from the original since thousands of new users come online every single day. You can therefore conclude that if you are not involved with creating any of the many forms of "get rich quick" schemes then you are one of the 97% who will eventually become disillusioned.

If you are new to net marketing I would suggest the following...

(1) Never initially spend more than $25 to join any program. The best programs are those that you can join free or low cost with upgrade features as the momentum builds along with it's popularity.

(2) Be very careful of HYIPs, Randomizers, Money Cyclers, and Pyramid schemes because most are scams. Money can be made in these programs but the risk is too high. The objective
seems to be to draw you in slowly, build up the subscriber base for 1 or 2 months then shut down with as much money as possible.

(3) Be careful of PayPal policies. They do not support many of the programs I mentioned above and they will cease your account no questions asked. If you are participating in any unlawful scheme do not use your Paypal account to fund it.

(4) Be aware of the "marketing gurus". They are the ones that create the "hot New" money making scams that employ cunning sales pitches to get you to spend $100 to $1000 on some program that never works. The only thing about it that works is getting you to buy it. Then once you buy it inside it's loaded with more of his tricks to empty your wallet and make more money off of your hard work.  

But enough of my ranting. Lets all learn to bee free. Free from the stresses of the GRQ syndrome. Since statistics reveal that only 3% of all those trying to make money online actually succeed, Your focus should be on creating wealth instead of GRQ(get rich quick). The key is to start small and work with or in a team.

The best place for you to start is to visit discussion Forums on making money online. There you will find many like minded people who have similar goals who are willing to share their expertise. Also visit the team at JOIN 4 A DOLLAR, Start with the basics (Free) and learn how to build a team. No disillusions just teamwork. If you follow it, it guarantees success. Mintinfo

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Nov 26th 2010 at 9:36 AM by jakaroomba
good advice and very much re-assuring for me to be in good company. I also like join 4 a dollar with all the potential for fund raising.

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