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The differences in the billiard tablecloth

Apr 9th 2020 at 12:42 AM

Billiard table cloth, billiard cloth, or whatever name I may associate with it, has had a serious evolution since its first inception in the 1400s. Cotton was the primary material used to cover the billiard table. and it was not until the 1700s that wool had replaced this cotton fabric. Today, you can find all kinds of brands, materials, colors and options.

Actually, there are only three types of pool tablecloths on the market. In industry, we refer to them as yarn or wool, and the third is rare (which is generally a woolen cloth). What do they mean, how will they perform and what is the best option for you?

Combed cloth, also known as "nap-free" cloth or tournament grade cloth, is your best option. There are a few different manufacturers of combed fabric with Simonis being the authority on the fabric since hundreds of years have existed. Combed fabric has a tight wool blend that doesn't have fuzzy naps due to inconsistency and pulls on the tightest, giving you the fastest, most accurate game, allowing a pro to maintain position and consistency throughout the game . It takes slower too. There are also new "high strength" styles on the market that resist friction burns and marks. It doesn't break or tear, like its wool brother, and it's heavy and durable, extending its life in most scenarios. If you have extra money, get it! Don't skimp on the fabric, but know that there really is only one real manufacturer and that the other brands of combed wool are just cheap knockoffs.

Woolen cloth, or nap cloth, is your standard in home and recreational clothing. Generally, there are more colors associated with it, and most retailers include this type as the standard fabric in a new pool table purchase. Very rarely will you see it in a pool hall unless the owner is cheap. This fabric is usually a blend of nylon and wool. It is sometimes called nap cloth because it has microfibers, or small bundles of fibers, that stand out similar to the carpet. This fabric will wear out faster and show friction burns more predominantly. While these inconsistencies are often painstaking enough that most recreational users don't notice, professionals stay away from this fabric because it doesn't pull on the board as hard for less speed and accuracy, it tends to build up, the balls bleed into the grooves and is prone to "wiggling".

The wiggle is an inconsistent roll of the ball on the playing surface. What happens in wool fabric is that when the ball slows down, it will move. Sometimes it makes the table look uneven, but the keyword is inconsistent. A consistent roll in one way or another means that the pool table is not level, not an inconsistent roll. So why does he do this? Well the ball is actually trying to find the path of least resistance through this nap and it becomes so obvious because as the ball loses its kinetic energy as speed decreases it tends to find the right place to settle therefore stopping the waterproof tablecloth.

Backed fabric is probably not a different type of fabric, but it's worth mentioning. The backed cloth, usually wool, has a bottom backrest that makes it more durable and more resistant to chalk and dust buildup. This is typical for commercial use and very rarely will you see it elsewhere. You don't really need to have it unless you really think you need it.

There has been a debate over the use of waterproofing chemicals in billiard tablecloths lately. We will recommend most customers to use waterproofing on wool fabric and not waterproofing on combed fabric. Wool fabric does not have a long enough lifespan for elasticity problems to occur over time.

There are also considerable arguments regarding color. This is all heresy. There is no "scientific" evidence that one color is better than the other. This is a personal choice and should be considered for your specific needs. However, there is one argument that remains consistent. The brighter the fabric, the less time your eyes will allow you to play. True? That depends on you.

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