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The Customer Advantage for Charity

Apr 4th 2011 at 10:56 AM

One of the biggest challenges of non-profits and other charities/groups today is the procurement of funds.  Money is required for all of their programs to flourish and grow.  The problem is that in today's economy, giving is one of the first things that gets cut out of people's budget.  Hard times hit donors so hard times hit charities even harder.  Charities get hit hard and the people they help are left to fend for themselves in many instances.

The Customer Advantage has begun to show an innovative way for charities to benefit from people who want to save money on goods and services that they purchase.  The program is simple and works like this;

  1. The Charity or its representative signs up as a FREE customer with TCA which allows them to receive offers by email each day for 50% to 90% off of goods and/or services from local merchants.
  2. They make it known to their supporters that they too can save 50% to 90% if they sign up for TCA on the Charity's website.
  3. When the supporter makes a purchase of one of the TCA offers, 5% of that purchase price is given to the charity under whom they signed up.
  4. Supporters can sign people up under themselves as well to make a profit and ALSO allow for a 5% roll up to the charity itself.  This can go up to 5 levels deep from the charity.
  5. This is a self sustaining program with no inventory, no selling, no donations, no volunteers needed and it will NEVER COST A DIME FOR ANYONE INVOLVED.

If you or someone you know belongs to any club, church, youth organization, school band or team or group, 501c3, or any other deserving organization please contact me for details about this program.



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Apr 5th 2011 at 10:25 AM by GTBulmer
Hello, Gerry: This looks like it could be a beneficial program for consumers and for charities. Thanks for sharing it with IM faceplate members. GT :-)

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