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Money!! Selling to make money, and then again money.
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SCAMMING. Yes I have been there!! I received messages via Alibaba frm suppliers of tvs, so I put some to Auction on E-bay and E bid and having taken orders I passed them to (what I thoug

The cost of being approved for gas work.

Jul 29th 2010 at 2:53 PM

In the Uk you must be certified (no not mad on the other hand it may help) by the testing through the CITB The confederation , of Industry Traing Board (if that is not it I will stand corrected. What I am trying to indicate is the costs to become approved to work on gas installations(domestic) Firstly you need ( The following are the various tests you take to prove competance)  1 Domestic Natural Gas safety.  Then you choose what appliances you would like to work on:- 2 Gas cookers, and/or 3 Central heating boilers up to 70KW ( then if you want to work on the newer breeds of boilers/fires) 4 Combustion performance Analysis. You still with me? it will take about a week of your time to take these tests, so if you are self-employed that means no wages. ( little or no comfort is given to you by the inland revenue or your accountant with the "droll words" it is all tax deductable, for the above tests if you have to pay for them it costs about £1400, yes, you do have to pay in advance.

              But wait a minute that is only for the above mentioned tests, you still need to be registered with the gas safe organization, your first year costs £420 for the first year then £180 for the following years. So you now see why the charges made by you gas serviceman/installer seem to be soo expensive.

              Now I am not the one to be critical, but, why do you have to take further registration with another body (it ised to be CORGI) at rip off prices, when all they do is line their own pockets, oh they say "but we send you a book once a month and we keep you up to date on the regulations" whoop de do is that it. Let me tell you about Corgi, when they built their new office block they went into the red (in their bank account) to around £13,000,000, and then after the 1st of April the following year they became solvent to the tune of around £8,000,000 ( the figures may not be exact, but close, anyway some smart alec will correct the figures) and guess where it all came from, you got it the "forced" membership fees.

              The bright sparks on Corgi "dreamt" up the rule which states:- gas pipes should not be within 25mm of an electrical supply, however, boilers and other appliances have gas valves, which are controlled electrically!!!!  another of their "super" rules was that the supply to "ALL" domestic boilers must now be 22mm (3/4") as opposed to the old supply of 15mm/1/2" because this would allow for any other demand from the pipework/meter, I hate to have to tell you but we had supplies to "most" domestic boilers of 1/2" for well over 40 years before "they " came along, these are only some of the regulations that can have holes picked in the rules made up by the "JOBSWORTHS"

              But Hey I wouldn't like you to feel I am picking holes in the set up, but why an exhorbitant price to put your name with yet another body of people, when you have been examined and passed by another more suitable body??

              Yes you will have guessed by my screen name that I do service and repair gas appliances, and yes I do speak with authority, by saying that most of the people at both corgi and gas safe organisations were not even born when I was first installing gas appliances and supplies.

              The above information is an indication of the rediculous expenses paid by your gas engineer, before he arrives at your door.         

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