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The Corporate Structure is A Pyramid and is Legalized Slavery

Aug 11th 2013 at 1:49 PM


Slavery Still Exist But in a Different Form


The Corporate Pyramid is Legalized Slavery



Truth be told….. slavery still exist it has just been white washed and legalized in the corporate world.


People are so brain washed by the corporate structure that they don’t  even recognize it exist.


The only difference  between old slavery and corporate slavery is it is voluntary  and consensual.


Many people agree and volunteer to give up their freedom to be a corporate slave in exchange for meagerly slave wages that don’t satisfy basic living expenses.


Their lives are controlled by the tick of the corporate clock 5 days a week and some 6 and 7 days a week with no time off to even breath or even see the sun in the sky.


They agree to devote and voluntarily give up their most precious freedom of time to slave away their lives night and day weekends and holidays away from home and family to make a corporation wealthy while they just exist to work and perform slave duties all their lives in exchange for slave wages.


Oh… not to mention with only a tiny few perks in between such as a thing called vacation...


which is some how suppose to compensate for all the year long hard hours of work to get a meagarly week or two or three off to do what?….. Rest…


Oh my…. How can the body even realistically get any rest in just a week or two or three knowing you have to return back to continue your slave duties,


repetitive mundane uninspiring non-motivating  brain washing task.


This may be shocking or offensive to hear but it’s very true.


And it really wears on the body physically and the mind mentally….


Just think how can some folk commit themselves to do this corporate slavery for years and years to receive slave wages without ever considering an alternative solution to making a real income without giving up their freedom.


Is hope that far gone. Has the masses of people been that brain washed that they live in fear of their Master Corporate,


that they just don’t use their intelligence to figure out what is happening in the corporate world.


Take notice of the corporate pyramid above. The masses of working class people at the bottom will never have a chance of reaching the top.



Because the pyramid is not designed for the people at the bottom to reach the top or get any financial rewards.



Now…. If you love being a corporate slave and giving up your freedom, I bid you well. Different strokes for different folks.


But for the folks that loves freedom and want to enjoy their life before their  bodies break down from old age or sickness don’t consent to corporate slavery.


Escape corporate slavery while you can. Don’t agree to slave wages any longer you deserve better.


The corporate world is not doing you a favor they are doing themselves a favor by enslaving you inside their pyramid.


Don’t listen to their propaganda it’s only designed to brain wash you into staying a slave.



Get out and consider other options



Start Here >> Watch video that is helping folks escape corporate slavery to real freedom

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