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The body has an oval shape of the vertebrae

Oct 22nd 2013 at 11:50 PM

The body has an oval shape of the vertebrae. Its top and bottom surfaces urge the intervertebral plate. Is a key element of the vertebrae, thereby gaining the power of the body from top to bottom, from the neck to the waist. Rites arches are paired.

Along the rear edge of the vertebral body produce spinal canal, this runs the spinal cord and spinal diapers find the advantages

Thus forming a solid bone protecting the spinal cord and spinal meninges the notches in the curves of two adjacent vertebrae together with their projections and the rear edge of the vertebral body create intervertebral foramen, through which the nerve roots and the blood vessels supplying the spinal cord.

The vertebral spurs are projections articular, transverse and spinous projection. Spinal projections have a dual function application: the articular end of the intervertebral joints, serves as the starting point ligaments that attach vertebrae, muscles and ensure mobility of the spine find the advantages

Special and very different shapes from the others are the first two cervical vertebrae. The first cervical vertebra is called the carrier (atlas).

It has a special flat shape without vertebral body. On this vertebra attaches a skull. The second cervical vertebra is called Ĩepovec (axis). The vertebra has already vertebral body and the front edge extends in the tooth. He serves as the pivot around which the atlas rotates.

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