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The Bitter Side of Sweet

Nov 4th 2011 at 2:50 AM

Many of you worry about pesticides,radiation,microwaves,chem-trails,GMO products and other adulterations but after 36 years of healing people from serious disease,I can guarantee you nothing is more dangerous to your health than the many different forms of sugar in our food supply. The reason is that most of the “disease” we face is secondary to an overgrowth of some type of germ. It may be the E.coli that causes bladder infections,the bacterium that causes acne,the overgrowth of H.pylori that causes acid reflux,the bacterial overgrowth that causes periodontal disease,or the Candida yeast overgrowth associated so many health conditions. All these germs are ALWAYS present in and on the body waiting for an opportunity. Disease happens when they overgrow out of balance. 2 major factors allow these germs to grow out of control. One is the gradual decline in thyroid function that happens with age. Every major disease we see in medicine starts to increase after age 27. This is the age when thyroid levels start to decline. Yes,”downhill” starts before age 30. As thyroid levels decline,body temperature lowers from the normal 98.6. Candida yeast thrive at lower temperatures. Thyroid deficiency also slows down circulation. This deprives cells of oxygen and nutrients. Think about not watering your lawn or plants all Summer. Cells will get sick. Sick cells invite yeast like road kill invites buzzards. The second factor that promotes germ overgrowth is too much sugar in the system. Too much sugar in your body is like leaving a dirty kitchen or an unflushed toilet in your body. Yeast are the microscopic scavengers. We detest rats,flies,roaches,maggots and buzzards but they have been put here as nature’s garbage collectors. If you leave food out for them,they will come and multiply. Most forms of sugar invite yeast.High fructose corn syrup is the worst but even so called “healthy” sweeteners such as sucanat,agave nectar,maple syrup,fruit juice(grape,apple,pear,pineapple etc) and honey cause yeast overgrowth. The exception isxylitol. Yeast are attracted to xylitol but they can’t metabolize it. Xylitol actually helps rid your body of yeast and in so doing reduces the risk of overgrowth of other germs. Read more about xylitol on the link below. Give your children gum and candies made from xylitol. Bake with it. Don’t keep products made with other sugars in the house. White flour raises blood sugar even worse than sugar. Never give children fruit juice or other sweetened beverages. They are extremely high in sugar and feed the addiction.

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