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1 month ago

The BEST Targeted Traffic For Your Sites!

Mar 4th 2011 at 2:35 PM

Hello Friends,

If you are looking for a way to get more web traffic to fill your "Twitter", "Facebook" and "YouTube" accounts full of TARGETED traffic or  followers, than I have the perfect solution for you! But first, let me tell you a little story.

Over the Christmas holiday, I accidently deleted my "Twitter" account full of almost 10,000 followers. (Don’t ask me how I did it because I’m still very sensitive and I just might cry.) I didn’t know what I was going to do. I couldn’t picture starting over again. In my mind, I kept hearing the words “You better get started now and quit whining because you’re gonna have to rebuild your Twitter followers again!” Ugh!

I looked over the web for programs that would help me get more new "Twitter" followers fast, or as quickly as possible. Problem being, I had done a lot of marketing, to get those 10,000 highly targeted business people, marketing, advertising, mlm and affiliate followers. So I thought to myself “Where in the world am I gonna get these kind of targeted followers from again?

Well I looked over many places far and wide and I found it on a friends "IMFaceplate" page! Yes, here at "IMFaceplate" (clap) I found it guys! It’s the best thing since chocolate candy (and you gotta be going some for me to say that (giggle) The system is called "Twiends" . I couldn’t believe what I found and I want to tell you that I feel so much better now since I’m using it to re-build my "Twitter" website at an exceptionally fast rate. Moreover, I was able to select my particular interests and Voila! All these targeted prospects started joining my "Twitter" right along with my "Facebook" and "YouTube" site too! This is absolutely awesome guys! Why is it so good?  Well it's great for the following reasons:

1) This Free to join social network builder attract s a large database to interact with:  This seems to be very Hot and many Twitter, Facebook and YouTube participants are there already, meeting new people and growing their lists. .

2)  Site views are encouraged via credit rewards for following other participants based on your interests indicated in your profile.

3) Demographics segmentation available:  You don't have to follow just anybody, you can follow only those in the categories that interest you! Thereby increasing the purity of your list according to your purposes. A perfect list builder that works fast and easy!

4)  Viewing design allows ease and fast choosing of those members who you are interested in following.  In a short period of time, according to the time you spend on this site, you can easily amass 100 "targeted" followers in a day. Just view those members in your categories either under the Twitter, YouTube, FaceBook or Links tabs and click on those you want to interact with. They will more than likely follow you back too!

5)  Four kinds of viewing choices, "Twitter", "Facebook" and "YouTube" and "Your personal links" are available, making the process of building traffic to your social sites easier, since all are in one place.

6)  Get tons of credits by attracting new signups to your "Twiends" site. Use those credits to attract new followers to your social sites and website.  Easy as pie!

7)  Drawing traffic to your "Twiends" website will get you traffic to 4 places. No need to promote all 3 websites, just one and that is "Twiends"! Use your marketing budget money wisely by purchasing paid advertisement to "Twiends" to get a large referral base.  Then they will automatically begin to follow you at all 4 sites, there's no way they can miss you!

I couldn’t believe that this site was free to join! I’m having a wonderful time getting new followers for  Twitter and so will you if you go there and join free. I feel so much better now. Don’t forget. It’s TWIENDS like a cross between Twitter and Friends.

Okay Guys! Enjoy.

See you there!



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