The bedrooms are seven key points to pay attention to myself

May 10th 2015 at 7:27 PM

1, the main bedroom not larger than 10 square meters. The master bedroom should not be too large, or larger than the living room, or a room in a house. Because the bedroom is too big, too bright, too many windows, household gas easily scattered light, easy to marital relations cooled, discord, dispute. On the contrary, gas accumulation is loving husband and Everlasting. In general, the size of the master bedroom in the bed of the space is not more than one bed length prevail.philippine roof deck houses

2, the main bedroom not less than three square meters. The master bedroom is not too small, it should not be less than three square meters. They live in small bedroom, will make people feel depressed, over time will affect the owner's health and mental or emotional.

3 bedroom door not on the door. Bedroom door should not be in pairs, what we called "relative curse door", liable to cause the family quarrel. 4 bedroom not put the fish tank. Although the family has added a lot of angry fish tank, but if disposed of improperly, it is easy to bankruptcy, it is recommended to learn a little knowledge of the Book of Changes, and then the fish as well.yemen wpc decking

5, bedrooms should Founder, best bedside wall. Founder bedroom best shape, not narrow, which is conducive to ventilation, not straight to the kitchen door the bedroom door, to prevent the hot and humid air with their bedroom door opposite flow.

6 bedroom not in the knife-shaped room. The master bedroom should not tip the ramp is not correct, or the angle of the wall studs protrude too, the couple easily quarrel, disagree for the small things, the impact of marital harmony. It is appropriate to resolve the decor.

7 bedroom can not accommodate too many potted plants. cheap vinyl fence prices

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