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The Basics of Networking I.

Jun 29th 2011 at 4:18 AM

Networking is the main success story of the 21th century while the internet boomed during the dotcom revolution. Serious networkers gain huge earnings while working hard too. BUT networking is an easy way if you use it right and you know what are you doing…


The first important thing is to choose the right COMPANY to become affiliated with. If they promote a product you like or you use or just you think it could be sold it is your company. But first of all you have to know everything aout the company and it’s product or products.

The second is the CONSUMERS. Can you find consumers? Are they active? Are they shopping your product? Can you even sell that? It is important to be ont he frontline because maybe your best buyer will be your best downline. If you are able to sell something than you are able to convince others to become a seller also.

The third is the SPONSORSHIP. Can you get members to your affiliate program under you? Are you able to get new people into the machine? Most people think that sponsoring is over after they distributed their referral links for example. No it’s not. If there is an opportunity to contact them than do it. Train them, help them, make ’em work. Sadly most referral programs do not let you keep contact with your downline due to privacy rights. So try to track your members and pick up the line of contact as soon as possible.

The fourth important thing is MOTIVATION. First of all you have to have the motivation. To be eager to reach success, to reach money, walth, financial freedom, a better life or whatever you want. If you feel that you are motivated enough now it’s time to get your downline feel the same. Try anything and everything to make ’em motivated to make ’em eager.

The last, the fifth important thing is DUPLICATING. This is the way thath leads to your desired passive income. Duplicating shortly means thath your downline builds up his own downline. Furthermore it also can be the recurring income that your overall network generates.

The whole Networking is to reach passive income. It can be done by reaching the duplicating stage. But fear nothing. If your affiliate program only 1 or 2 tier deep you are still able to reach passive income and the freedom you’ll love and lust for.

It’s not lottery. To build up a network is a type of knowledge which you can learn. And it’s never late to reconsider or to begin. Most people lives in a „happy ignorance” hoping they gonna refer a superstar who gonna’ make ’em rich. Do not build your base on this. If you want to get passive income first you have to work for it than you can sit back and enjoy.

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