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3 years ago

The Basic Skills needed to succeed in your own Home Business

Aug 11th 2010 at 1:40 PM

What basic skills do you need to succeed in your own Home Business?
In this artical I hope to help those people who are considering starting a home business, either through an Internet business such as Network Marketing or any other home business program. I know of so many folks who have become frustrated and disillusioned – or perhaps just overwhelmed – and who lost time and hard-earned money in work-from-home programs that have not been suitable for them or that are nothing but scams. Unfortunately in most of those cases, the people were not prepared for what is involved to succeed in the earn-at-home arena, especially when it comes to earning on the Internet.

I don’t want to focus on the negatives when there are so many benefits to having a home business, but rather just to help those who are embarking on a search for a business to be reasonably certain that a home business is what they really want and to be prepared to make some adjustments – and, of course, to choose their businesses wisely. If you are careful, do a little research, and succeed in finding the right home business for you, life can be great and you will likely never want to return to the job world!

 What are you really looking for?
What do you want to achieve working from home?
Are you looking for something temporary to immediately replace lost income – perhaps free work from home employment – something where you can just be given some work to do at home and get paid right away? Many people think that they can find something on the Internet that will fill that bill and often send off money for kits to assemble or envelopes to stuff, or try filling out surveys on line; and end up losing a lot of time or money or both! If a “job” is what you’re looking for, I understand, and unfortunately my artical likely won’t be of much value to you. While work-at-home jobs may be found in the classifieds, for the most part what you will find on line is a vast array of home businesses, unfortunately including numerous scams.

If you are looking for something to add to your income now and, of even greater importance, to provide you with the security of an additional source of income, or perhaps even replacement income or a plan “B” in case things change with your job, then a home business may well be for you, especially if you are ready to be your own boss, set your own hours and generally take control of your future. However, while you may hit gold immediately, it’s more likely that it will take a little “mining” before you find the mother lode, and if you are prepared to do the work, you should be able to build a strong reliable business that will provide you with substantial long-term income. After all, have you heard of anyone going into one of those “get-rich-quick” schemes and actually getting rich – and staying rich? And do you want to take the kind of risks involved?

If you are well organized and reasonably efficient, you should be able to fit in your new business without robbing yourself of all your free time. However, this is another area for a lot of thought. You must set your priorities, and to succeed you must treat your business as a business and not as a hobby! If you are adding your new business to your current job, then of course you’ll need to sacrifice something – T.V. time, hobbies, family time, etc. – especially at the beginning. As they say, “short-term pain for long-term gain”. This is where I go back to asking “what are you really looking for?” Is what you want to gain worth some sacrifices – and, if necessary, what are you prepared to give up? It’s important to think not only in terms of how much money you want to earn but rather what you want or need the money for – what will you use it for and are those things worth the sacrifices? Your answer is extremely important in determining your success or failure!

I will talk about various types of home businesses in future lenses, and for now I’ll just mention below a few more points that will hopefully help you in assessing what’s right for you.
 Is a Home Business right for you?
Here are a few more points to consider.
While most people I talk to feel that working at home is the ideal situation, many are not really prepared for the transition, and for the extra work involved when adding a home business to their current employment. Yes, working from your home and being your own boss is the ideal lifestyle for many; however, it doesn’t suit everyone.

You must be the type of person who can work alone – a “self-starter” as they say – and who has the self-discipline to get things done without nagging or supervision. You will be responsible for your success or failure. It can be very challenging to stick to your goals. There will always be reasons not to work. Procrastination can be extremely difficult to conquer. That’s why you absolutely must have thought this through thoroughly! It’s imperative that you always know why you are working on your own business – that you see the way to the future you want.

So, what sacrifices will you need to make? Let’s talk about work hours. It’s certainly best to set specific times weekly when you will work on your business. That way you can make family and friends aware of those times and it should help avoid interruptions by a ringing phone or family errand. Maybe someone else can answer the door and let the dog out during those times. However, it’s not absolutely imperative that you set the same hours each week if that is difficult. Another advantage of a home business is that your schedule can be flexible. Just decide at the beginning of each week when you are going to work, and if something important comes up that will interfere with that schedule, just make adjustments – but as far as possible stick with the total number of hours you planned for the week. It’s still better than checking in at a job!

If you are employed now, perhaps you’ll decide to work 2 or 3 hours 2 nights a week, and/or maybe some time on the weekends. I suggest that you allow at least 5-6 hours of productive work weekly to move your business along – preferably 10 hours or more. Of course it depends on what you want to earn and how soon you want to reach that level, and it also depends on how efficiently you work. I know people who feel that they are working at their business full-time and are actually barely working at it at all! They start out with great intentions in the morning, allow numerous distractions that come along, and by the end of the day may have accomplished a couple of hours of productive work. It’s not difficult to fall into that trap!

Another big question to ask yourself is whether you are coachable. I must admit that I have quite a stubborn streak, but I feel that I do pretty well at accepting constructive criticism that is intended to help me grow. However, I have worked with many people who feel hurt or annoyed if suggestions are made that are not to their liking, and some simply refuse to do something a different way, even on a trial basis. Which type of person are you? Will you let your mentor help you? Will you participate and benefit from teamwork? In a good business, there are usually numerous support channels for you and it’s important that you’re not too proud to ask for help or to try doing a few things differently if suggested. You don’t want to lose the unique “you” – and of course you never will!

A final question for now: How reliable are you? Will you stick to your decisions and carry through with your goals, or are you somewhat impatient and prone to giving up if you hit a roadblock or don’t see instant results? Picture a child learning to walk; wouldn’t it be sad if that little one gave up when it didn’t work the first time – or the tenth time? How many tries did it take Edison before the light came on?
 Will You Succeed?
More key factors
To me, a home business is one where I can work from home rather than just keeping the records here, and naturally that led me to the Internet, even with my limited knowledge of computers. I barely knew how to send emails and then suddenly I was working at an Internet home business!

You don’t need sophisticated Internet skills to earn income on line. I’m a typical example of that. You need to be prepared to learn what you need in order to take each next step. I say that I learn on a “need-to-know” basis. Some may prefer other types of training, but I felt that I would be overwhelmed, so I took bite-size pieces, and it has worked well for me. I’m assuming that if you’re reading this, you have at least some basic computer skills and likely know how to send emails. For most businesses, that covers it. You can learn more as you go.

You should accept the fact that you will need to spend a little on your business. Remember, when you work at a job outside of the home, you need to spend on clothing, transportation, coffee, etc. – and yet often folks think that they can just start a business without spending a dime! I don`t mean you have to spend a lot of money, and you definitely do not want to take risks by laying out money that is non-refundable! I`ll get more into this in future articles about businesses, but for now just realize that if you are going to build a solid profitable business there will be some expenses. You can usually find a good business with a very small start-up cost which can be recovered almost immediately depending on your learning curve. Also, you can reap great benefits in income tax savings as with a home business there are numerous deductions that involve everyday expenses that you already have but that presently do you no good at tax time!

When it comes to your search for the right business, you will want to ensure that you have a good mentor and lots of team support and education – preferably at no charge. Yes, you want to bring your own personality into the way you do things, but remember you will also need to be coachable – to listen to how other successful people in the business have achieved their statuses and at least start out by emulating those methods until you are ready to fly on your own and experiment.

At the risk of being nauseatingly redundant, one of the main factors in determining your success or failure will be persistence – and of course your mindset. Just remember that consistency and perseverance are key. If you are impatient and give up on projects quickly, this is definitely not for you. If you are not one of the fastest movers on the block, stick with it! So many people give up when the seeds they have planted are just about to sprout!

One last factor that has a significant effect on many people is family support. How will your family feel about you working from home? I don`t mean that you’re going to give up your regular job – I definitely would not recommend doing that until your business is running well on a consistent basis. Rather, if you are going to give up some family time or activities at first, will your family be supportive of that? Are their goals in line with yours? Will they see the benefits as being worth the sacrifices? It should go a long way if you try to be fair and balance what you give up personally, e.g. a night out with the girls or guys, equally with the family activities you put on hold. It can really take its toll on you if family members in your home are opposed to your efforts. It helps if they too see what you see and you celebrate every little success along the way!
 It’s YOUR business – do what you LOVE!
Pick something that will make you want to leap out of bed in the morning!
What type of business will best suit you? What type of business will you be passionate about? Think of your strengths and weaknesses. Ideally you will want something that focuses on your strengths, but if necessary, are you willing to work on those weak areas too? You know how it goes – that if you are doing something you love, it really doesn’t seem like work. That is so true, and I speak from experience! But there are always some things that we may not be keen on doing but that must be done anyway. There is definitely work involved in getting up and running, and you must be prepared for that. However, for the most part, you want to have fun at work! When you feel good about what you are doing, it shines through in your communications with others and attracts them to you.

In this article I have only touched on a few of the criteria to determine whether earning on the Internet from home – or at any home business – is right for you. However, hopefully I have set you on the path to giving a great deal of thought to this before you embark on your search for the right business. It is so very important! I’ve also left one of the most important factors until last – and that is your mindset. It is most important to set yourself up to succeed – for if you doubt yourself and doubt that you will succeed, it is unlikely that you will reach your goals. So, think about what you want to achieve, decide on what is best for you, find the right business, and then prepare for the success that is coming your way!

In future articles, I’ll be writing on how to assess legitimate home business opportunities, not only based on whether they generally are good businesses but also in terms of the best fit for you. Meanwhile, never stop dreaming, and look forward to the time of your life!

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Aug 11th 2010 at 8:41 PM by GTBulmer
Hello, Sandy: This is a very comprehensive article covering the basic skills needed to succeed in your own Home Business. Great info and recommendations for Internet Marketers.

I am a PIPS member, also, although I have been following a different path in developing my affiliate home business. But I still chum around with a number of PIPS members in the Affiliate Power Group. :-)

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