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1 year ago

The Autoship Problem in Network Marketing

Jul 15th 2014 at 7:29 PM

Do you have an Autoship Problem?

Most people in network marketing today have an autoship problem. Many of you may be unfamiliar with autoships, if you are alos unfamiliar with Network Marketing. It's very simple to understand - It is a monthly volume amount that must be met, in order to qualify for commissions. When I first got into network marketing, we did not have an autoship requirement.

What we did have, were Customer requirements. We had to maintain at least 6 Customers to qualify for commissions on 2 levels; but if we wanted to qualify for commissions on all 7 levels, we had to have at least 25.  This requirement made sure that our organizations were bringing in money. You and I cannot operate a successful business if it's not producing income.

Network Marketing companies are no different.

This is where autoships come in.

These are mostly found in product-oriented companies. Each distributor is required to be on autoship; which basically means, each month that company will Charge them for the product; and SHIP it to their house. This ensures that money is being generated by the network that is being built.

If each distributor goes out and finds customers for that product, that is additional volume for the entire organization. The autoship works as a default; in case the new distributor is unable, or unwilling to acquire customers - money is still being generated.

This can become a problem though - but you'll find some sort of monthly expense with any kind of buisness you choose to run. I always tell people, network marketing is a business model. It's not going to be any different from other business models that exsist when it comes down to it. However, for some reason people who look at MLM, tend to have an employee mentality.

They do not want to pay for anything; they do not want to invest in anything.

The idea of paying for a product each month; does not excite them - they are unable to connect the dots. When you're paying for the product yourself, it makes you more willing to ask others to pay for it as well. When you see value in it, it makes it easier for you to express the value you see; to others.

But if you're already in a financial bind, the idea of paying $50-$100/mo may seem a bit much. At the same time, if you want something different, you must DO something different. Either you're going to make excuses and settle for all the reasons why you cannot do it; OR you'll focus on finding solutions.

When people talk to me about their Autoship Problem; I offer them, my autoship solution!

See how a ONE TIME Investment Can Earn You Up to SIX FIGURES!

A one time investment of money does not mean you'll sit back and do nothing. We all do the same things in network marketing; This is why we created the One MLM System to rule them all, from TopNetworkersGroup. We are less concerned with the company; and more focused on making sure the people who partner up with us are learning; becoming better; growing! We believe that if we build people; the business will build itself.

We've also made sure our system eliminates the Autoship Problem; and offers nothing but autoship Solutions; by encouraging people to start out on our free level (as customers) and then gradually moving up; investing in our $10/mo businesses; and eventually our $50 and $100/mo businesses.

This makes our system flexible enough to work with people regardless of what level they are at. If you feel like you are having a difficult time with your autoship; or that others are saying no to your opportunity becuase it's too expensive - show them a solution;

Have a solution yourself.

BE the Solution!

the one mlm system solves the autoship problem

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