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The 5 Best Tools for Getting Your Blog Seen

Oct 11th 2010 at 6:18 PM

Do this first!
Everyone these days seems to have a blog.  Whether in business or not, blogging seems to be one of the most powerful devices for getting your home based business up and running.  It helps if you have writng skills, but if you don't you can always look good by making small comments on other peoples tools or blogs.  The point is to drive traffic to your product or website.  What is critical in all of this is making sure to use good grammer and spelling.  Over the years I've read content by experts on various internet traffic sites on this subject and it has remained an important point in my mind to use proper spelling and grammer; (thank God I always got pretty good grades in English).  Have you ever come across a website that looked so beautful with pictures and everything in just the right place, but find after reading just a few lines of text that there were spelling errors?  How sad for that individual who spent so much time on the appearance of their website or blog.  They really needed to spend a little bit more time on proof reading.  Sometimes it's just because we get in a hurry.  So the key here is to take your time.  I had someone tell me recently that reading your "ad" backwards helped, so now I'm doing this. 

So after you've written a few blog posts it's time to get that blogs seen by the masses right?  Of course if you've been around, you probably know all of this, but this site really isn't for you.  It's for those who need guidance and tips on what to do first. 

How to you get your blog seen?

Social Bookmarking
Social BookMarking is the best way to get your blog seen by your friends.  There are great tools for doing this, and most blogging sites have these tools integrated into the blog already.  But if your blog doesn't have this, you can always add a widget to your blog to include social bookmarking. 

You have probably seen this little button (enlarged here) in a mirad of places around the internet.  This is a free tool and a very useful one.  You don't need a lot of technical skills to install this tool as it is a simple piece of html code that you can copy and paste into any website (html).  I've used this on every page of many of my websites.


Share |

 IM FacePlate
Another social bookmarking tool I'm using is this new web site called IM FACEPLATE.  This is such a great place to build your online business presence because you can connect your blog, your twitter and Face Book accounts all together and that's the idea behind social bookmarking is getting an much exposure to your blog as possible.

What is so cool about the ADD THIS tool is that if you click on the share button you can share to every social network that you are associated with and of course your readers can do the same. The more you share and get your readers to share to social networks, the more your traffic will grow on Google as well.  I would suggest focusing on only the best social networks like Face Book or Twitter, but some of the other ones are very good for getting some easy traffic.
IM FacePlate
Another social bookmarking tool I'm using is this new web site called IM FACEPLATE.  This is such a great place to build your online business presence because you can connect your blog, your twitter and Face Book accounts all together and that's the idea behind social bookmarking is getting an much exposure to your blog as possible.


 This tool is free as well, but they do have an upgraded version which will give your "Face Plate" more exposure.   There are all kinds of business people using "Face Plate" but what I like about it is that people will want to make friends with you.  Some are trying to sell you something (as they promote their own business), but if you have something worth reading or selling, and it is interesting enough people will take the time to read through your content and even book mark your site. 
Blog Clicker
Have you heard of traffic exchanges?  Traffice Exchanges have been around since probably earlier than 2001, but they really have become more and more sophisticated over the years.  There is now traffic exchanges for blogs as well.  Basically you can drive traffic to your blog or website for free, by surfing other peoples websites or blogs.  Blog Clicker is the one I'm currently using although I know there are more out there. 


 This is my favorite - what is commonly know as a traffic exchange, but I don't consider it a traffic exchange because it's really so much different.  You can get some great exposure to your blog, website or product here, it's free plus you can also interact with the community.


I have come to realize the importance of Twitter more and more.  Twit this and Twit that but don't underestimate the value of a twit, ummm, okay, that sounded funny but really - it's true.  I have 3 Twitter accounts and they are all connected to various websites.  So basically when I make a post on Twitter is shows up in various other places as well.  Again, exposure being the goal here.  If you look to the right of this blog, for instance you will see my tweets.  I actually did that on Twitter (or on Face Book), but it shows up here too.  My Twitter friends see my tweets, (or that's how it's suppose to work.  Over time, more and more people will join themselves to you and your traffic will grow, although non of this happens over night, it takes work.  Did you know you can connect your Face Book and Twitter accounts? 

You can get your Twitter goodies by going here: but of course you first need to set up an account. 
There are a couple of things that I want to stress that are very important to get more traffic and to just make yourself feel good.  First of all, make good use of your tags, when you are writing your blogs.  Tags are like text links to your site and Google Search Engines will pick up your tags.  Make sure your use the same tags often, - of course they must be relevant to the subject being talked about.  Again, Tags (also known as Blog Catagories) are like Text Links to Google, so be specific and make sure your blog subject uses the same tags or words a number of times.  This takes a little practice, but you can always go back and update them to be more relevant and precise. 

The other thing I wanted to mention is when you are out there on social networks, make sure to comment often on other peoples blogs if you like them.  Don't be an annoymous comment maker either.  Get your name out there and if you have a photo that you want to use, use it often.  If you're afraid to show who you are on the internet, then you have no business trying to run an internet business.   When you comment on other people's content, you can sometimes add a signature or link back to your own site also.  This will help drive more traffic to your blog.  There is a lot more to the subject of website traffic and links that we will discuss in another blog post.  Commenting on other peoples blogs is also a nice thing to do.  It is an encouragement to other people like yourself who are starting out and in fact, you can build business relationships with other bloggers and sometimes share comments with each others blogs!  This is called networking and this is how Cynthia - me - see it at it's best.

Take care friend and fellow Home Based Business Owner - slash - Blogger. 

Be Blessed!

© All content on my site is copy right protected.  Please do not plagiarize my content.

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Apr 11th 2011 at 1:37 PM by tvinformatv
Boa ayuda!
Dec 14th 2010 at 3:54 PM by ChuckBartok
Cyn, any problems with the Traffic Exchange for Bloggers and the TOS with Google Blogger?
Oct 13th 2010 at 12:05 AM by sarojini
Hello Cyn, You are just amazing. You are much more experienced than me. i need to learn skills from you. All the best in your life.

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