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The 12 Secrets Most Insurance Agents Don't Tell You

Oct 3rd 2010 at 11:21 AM

               Door-to-Door Sales Whisperer Says:


    “12 Secrets Most Insurance Agents Don’t Tell You.”

                        A Little Wisdom from 25 years in the Field

 By Bill Hamnet Wall,            


     Have you ever talked to a fascinating person, ever walked away thinking “Wow! That person is interesting?” I can tell you right now with 100% certainty what you conversed about. It’s only one of two things: 1. Something you’re interested in…like yourself, your talents, your kids and your good looks. 2. Something you’re interested in…that you DON’T KNOW. Isn’t that why you’re reading this article? Well, the same thing is true for a prospect.

     Quick One Question Quiz: Which one intrigues you more, A or B?

A-  I’d like to get your VIN numbers, social security numbers, and match

     your current insurance coverage.

B-  In the event of an at-fault auto accident, I’ll protect the equity in

      your home and other assets as a result of a court judgment and lien.

     If you said A, it’s time to take your lobotomy medicine. When you speak to someone about what is important to them and what is unknown to them, you get their attention, and build credibility.

     This is what a customer dreams of: buying from someone they know, like or respect. A Sale Occurs When Credibility Replaces Hope.

You must serve others to make a profit. Profits are dreams coming true in another's head.

     Credibility is proof that faith in you is justified. When I worked for Farmers Insurance, I created a tool that highlighted what my prospect was NOT getting from their current agent. Without one disparaging word, Id tell a brief story that featured a life changing event, then I’d reveal a “secret” and ask, “Did your agent explain this one to you?” When they said “No.”, I’d make a large check mark on the one page document: “12 Secrets Most Agents Don’t Tell You.”

     You can imagine what happened when 8 or 9 life changing principles were NOT explained to my prospect by their current agent, and 8 or 9 large check marks stared them in the face. Let me assure you, if this was their doctor that I was talking about, and so much important information was withheld from them or unknown by the “expert”, it would be called malpractice.

     The key is to TELL THE TRUTH to your customers about the HIDDEN PITFALLS and DIRTY SECRETS of your industry.  George Bernard Shaw said, "Every profession is a conspiracy against the laity." Do not be part of it, and you will succeed in your endeavors. Your credibility will grow tremendously. You have a responsibility to do so. Trust is a key element in any relationship, and I have discovered nothing that can build more of it in such a short period of time than to be an ADVOCATE of your customer and not of your company or yourself.









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