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That Free Thing - You Must See

Feb 28th 2011 at 8:13 PM

I have seen a lot of things launched on the internet and I must say I am involved with just a very few really good ones. One of the things you normally find though is that at the start launches are fairly slow to take off. This is normal. Another thing that anyone involved with online marketing will tell you is that if they can find something that converts at 5% then that is a great figure and they will make a lot of money with it.

Why is this important?

Well www.thatfreething.com has opened and went into a leadership launch. It was only open to people that got the link from someone who already had a membership and had their referral link. This actually slows the process of building as people have to join on an invite only basis.

Except with this. In only a week that free thing has put in 5000 paid members. That in itself is remarkable but the really amazing thing is the conversion rates. 38% of people signing in to learn more about the program are purchasing a membership for $25. You ask anyone in business if they are getting 38% of people looking at their product buying it and they will probably laugh at you.


So why is this so good?

Well this is where it is best to look at their marketing material. Here is what you see on the site.


Why will That Free Thing work?

Because we have the perfect product, the perfect compensation plan and the timing couldn't be more perfect for this.

Also, we have built an incredible mass marketing system, we have a top notch leadership team, a very lucrative compensation plan with no sponsorship requirements, and most importantly we have a very unique ability to find and share FREE Products & Services all over the world.

We plan to flood the social networks when we pre-launch and with our new iPhone and Android apps we are capable of delivering FREE Products and FREE Services with the touch of a button to millions of people worldwide through their phones.

Nothing like this has ever been created!

Just Ask Yourself This... Who Doesn't Like FREE Stuff?

This "Little $10 a Month Program" can make you MORE MONEY
than companies charging up to 10 TIMES AS MUCH!

Can you think of anything better than getting something for FREE?


Now, just imagine getting paid each time you showed someone how to get something FREE!

This is the ULTIMATE Network Marketing product. We built our entire compensation plan around the fact that people love getting free stuff. We have thousands of free products, free services and free offers that we need your help sharing with the world.

For doing this we will pay you, it's really that simple! We couldn't imagine anything better than getting free stuff AND putting money in your pocket at the same time.

Compensation Plan - 3x8 Matrix

We have created a Force Filled 3 x 8 Matrix. You will get a percentage from ALL members who fall below you in your 8 level matrix. There are NO SPONSORSHIP REQUIREMENTS to earn on all 8 levels.

Your Matrix can be filled without ever enrolling a single person!

Once your have your first 3 spots filled any new people will be placed within your second level until it's filled, then any new people will be placed on your third level and so on. This is called spillover.



Payout %

$25 - Enrollment

$9.95 - Monthly














































Everyone is paid on 100% of the people who fall into their Matrix, whether they have sponsored anyone or not.

Can you imagine if you only signed up to get Free Stuff and you ended up getting pay checks!

But Wait, There's More...

We don't just want you to tell a few people we also want you to help them to share it with their friends and so on. So we have built in a matching bonus program to motivate and reward you for helping your people. We pay you on 3 levels of sponsorship!

Our 3 Generation Check Match is HUGE!


Check Match %

Personals to Qualify










Watch how powerful this can be...

Example 1: You tell 20 people and they tell a few and so on. Let's say on average they've made $500 each. That's a total of $10,000 they've been paid, so you've received 40% which is $4,000.00,

Example 2: These 20 people you enrolled have been telling other people and lets say they each told 5 on average, which makes 100 people. Let's say on average they've made $300. That's a total of $30,000 they've been paid, so you've been paid 30% which is an additional $9,000 from your second level match.

Example 3: Now, these 100 have been telling other people and let's say on average they've only told 4 each. That's 400 more people! Let's say they've only made $100 on average, that's a total of $40,000 earned. You would have been paid 30% which is $12,000 from your third level match.

That's a total of $25,000 in Matching Bonuses! (from examples above)

NOTE: We only used small numbers in this example, just imagine if your group really took off and your people are making that much every month!

Now, the other question you might be asking is... How does removing sponsorship requirements make your paycheck explode?

Well, imagine you bring in someone who is a beneficiary of good timing - they came in and began earning a check that pays around $3,000 a month without ever telling anyone. YOU are now the beneficiary because you'll be earning $1,200 a month from your matching bonus on someone who NEVER told anyone about this!

If You're Still Reading... You're Costing Yourself Money!


Ok, so the plan is pretty good and everyone likes free stuff but even with that a 38% conversion is crazy. This is being taken up in the same way iphones are flying off the shelves. Maybe it is because there is the possibility of making money without sponsoring anyone that appeals. Due to the way this has taken off and because of spillover there will be a lot of people that joined and make money as a consequence of others actions. Not a bad situation to be in.

I have experienced how easy it is to have people joining which has already led me to having over a dozen people pay memberships at a 26% conversion rate for me, although I have 4 others that want to pay and haven't yet. That will bring the rate up to 35%. I have never had success with these sorts of programs before so that shows how easy it is. There are people that are getting over 70% conversions with this. That is crazy.

So this is a program that I am highly recommending to make money online.It is very new and for the small outlay the rewards could be very large.


Go check it out using my link


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