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That Cute Little Nest Egg Money (I have no money, what do I do?)

Aug 26th 2010 at 7:49 PM

This article is dedicated to those people who enter the Internet Marketing World and are really handicapped with a lack of funds to do any thing. Pay To Click, Pay To Read, Get Paid Per Action and similiar sites are a good way to start for many marketers with no funds and slowly crawl your way to significant month residual income. Until the last year or so, many of the so-called Guru's would turn their noses up when you mention these types of income producers, lol, some still do. We all remember the days that most traffic exchanges even went so far as to ban them in general. They all of a sudden even some of the TE's started paying a nickel here and there for so many pages surfed and wala, the cat is now out of the bag and it is about time. Here's the deal, You can either pick up coke cans on the side of the road to fund your Internet Business or let some companies pay you to read their ads. If some so-called guru does not like it or puts you down for it, tell them to take a flying leap or pay your bills, Their Choice.

WARNING: Only have one account for these sites. Unless their TOS allows more than on per IP Address.

Here you will see a list of the time tested and proven sites that eagerly pay you to read their article or click a link or do a survey or something. They all pay and have been. All but one,, I have cashed out on several times without problems at all. I also know that there are more than you will find listed here, but I attempted to share the ones that were tried and tested by me and several friends. You will surely know more that should be added but my purpose was to have 10 or so sites that will easily produce $300 to $500 per month after a learning curve and building a solid referral base, and I highly suggest upgrading on all of them, so here goes.

1) Bux Matrix is quickly becoming a favorite for many of us because of the benefits of upgrading, the longevity of the site and they do pay according to their TOS with out fail. Oh, and the money is good too. As this is being written, they have over 125,000 members and growing. Upgraded members also get free advertising credits and solo ads, which are nice. You also get 4 or 5 solo ads per day, that are paid per view.

2) Get Bux Today is a pay to click site developed by Brian Rooney of Traffic Wave fame. I have consistantly made $100 plus a month with this one. Also a great place to advertise. There are currently almost 90,000 members here.

2) ClixSense would have to be next in line and is also a very popular ad site and income producer as well. The upgrade is a must and you can also advertise your referral link for bulding a down line. They use to mail a check when requested but they now Pay Pal your earnings upon request. Great site!

3) WordLinx is also a very solid site to build a little nest egg money every month. WorldLinx is also a great site to advertise your custom links for any program or traffic exchange or other similiar sites. The have always paid with out a hassle as well.

4) Infinity Bux is a very nice way to build a nice income stream as well as a very nice ad site. I use it constantly for both purposes.

TVI PTC is a sister site owned by the same team and have definitely started a successful trend in paid to click advertising.

5) Hits4Pay and DealsNCash are owned by the same company and have been around for years. They are a very reliable advertising site with multiple advertisement option and they also will pay you to ready their emails daily. Both are great sites!

6) LinkGrand is another one of those long standing ad sites that pay their member ship to read advertisements and offer a great prices on those ads as well to their membership. I have used LinkGrand for years and love it. The young man who owns this site, was only 16 years old when he started and kept it a secret for years because who would believe a 16 year old, right?

7) GlobalCashClicks has also been around for several years and I have used it for most of their existance for advertising as well a little income producer. As an upgraded member you also get random referrals. I have won their referral contests several times and I call that Cute Little Money, lol. The owners of GlobalCashClicks just started another similiar site about a month ago and I am still testing the results and thier response on it but it looks like Gai will also measure up.

8) InBoxDollars, wow, do I need to say any thing about this one. For years they have produce unbelievable advertising for companies large and small from read this email to take this survey to try this for free. Once you hang in there and qualify for your first $30 pay out, the sky is the limit then. This is one of those that is highly recommended and you will love it.

9) The MultiMoneyGroup. This group of sites are owned by a Fantastic couple by the name of Jill and Sebas. They are in one of the Scandinavian countries and they are awesome. I tell them all the time that their entire team and network of sites Rocks! I use several of their sites and was trying to come up with a number for referrals that I have in their sites and it is in the thousands for sure. You upgrade and they make it worth your while for sure. The sites are great places to advertise as well as build some nest egg money. They have always performed above my expectations as well in both advertising and paying when they owe you. They have more sites than will be listed here but these are the ones I have used for several years now.






There you have it! When you have a new member that joins one of your programs that cannot come up with the money for upgrads, these fifteen sites will definitely help them. There are others of course but I wanted to expose some good money makers that I know pay and pay on time. I make any where from $300 to $500 per month with just the ones listed here. Not over night but after a few referrals and upgrades. Patience is the name of the game with these income producers and I usually spend about an hour in the morning and close to an hour each night to check them all. Just nest egg money folks, every little bit ads up. Deb and I have been on the net for almost 7 years and we make $300 to $500 per month here, almost that much on Traffic Exchanges, almost that much on GDI and as you are beginning to see, residual and multiple streams of income. A little here and a little there over a period of time with patience, persistence, and determination to succeed. Inch by Inch!

If you have been held back from upgrading on the sites that we all call Evergreen site or the Tools of the Trade, such as your auto responder, branding site, traffic tracker and your very own Blog, recommended, then just be patient with your self and upgrade on them as your income grows with these PTC sites, they work. Think of it this way, Traffic Exchanges normally reward you with advertising credits, Pay To Click Sites reward you with money. Convert the money to ads or cash out and UPGRADE ON YOUR TOOLS OFTHE TRADE.

I sincerely hope this helps and we wish that some day soon you can also Take That Job and Shove It Too!

Sam Burgess

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Jul 12th 2011 at 2:03 AM by rishiforyou
Hi Sam, Last year, when I started, it took me 2 months to earn 10 dollars from PTCs and other sites. I invested those 10 dollars in a domain name whose valuation is now in 5 figures (more than $10,000). I am not planning to sell that domain in the near future but I always thank God for giving me the sweetest reward imaginable for my initial efforts.
Sep 23rd 2010 at 7:22 PM by cmsolution
Nice to know these links. However, you cannot make money Pay Per Click unless you have your own website.
Sep 21st 2010 at 9:54 PM by theagold17
i have neobux.. already what other else
Sep 12th 2010 at 10:08 PM by rowanman28
Pay to click is silly over the long term. Pay per click on articles that advertise something that makes you money is the way to go. Join as my referral, and I will teach you SEO, so you can get on the first page of a Google search. Send me a message if you're interested in some great free to join money making sites.
Sep 6th 2010 at 11:48 PM by ecco1729
Hi Sam, a good collection of useful information for all beginners.

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