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Text Ad Exchanges: What are they and Why Join Them?

Sep 22nd 2010 at 12:16 PM

Text Ad Exchanges: What are they and Why Join Them?

Text Ad Exchanges are Great Sites to Advertise In.
There are quite a Few that Are Really Top Notch with Active Members and You get a Good Response to Your Advertising

What are they?
Text Ad Exchanges provide a wide Variety of Advertising for their Members. Each member Receives Credits/points for Each Ad that they view. These Credits/points can be Redeemed for Advertising at that site.
There are a Few Different Types of Text Ad Exchanges Out There
But the majority of them provide their members with:

Solo Ad Advertising: Your Ad is sent out to all of the members and there is a link inside each email that gives the members Credits for Viewing your website for X amount of seconds.  These Credits are earned to Redeem for More Advertising at their site.
The Older Type Text Ad Exchanges: All the Solo Ads are sent out and You cannot view them or browse them in the members Areas.
Sorry folks but I personally do NOT like these Older type scripts!
I like to log in and View ALL the Solo Ads On Site!
Some have ALL of the Ads available for you to view in the navigation
Bar: Browse Solo Ads.  Once you view them they do not show again
so every time you log in you have fresh new solo Ads to view.
Some only list the last 10 solo ads so for them you need to log in more frequently to click them.

Banner and Button Advertising:
Banners are the Standard: 468X60 Banners
Button Banners are: 125 X 125 images.

Some of the older type Ad Exchanges the Banners Rotate around and they do not give very good credits for viewing.
But the Newer Type Ad Exchanges have a Browse Banners Area on the navigation bar. Once You Click Browse Banners all of the banners are showing for you to easily click and view the website to earn credits.
These Sites I noticed provide a lot better Credits for viewing and it is a whole lot nicer! This provides the members better click rate to their banners. Their banners also rotate around the site for more exposure.

May I make a short note here regarding posting Your Banners/Button Banners on the newer type sites: When You Add your banners to these sites Do not repeat your banner or  repeat the same website the same day. Most Admins will not approve multiple banners/websites at the same time. Instead of submitting 5-10 banners of the same website: Just Add more credits to Each banner so they rotate Longer. Also log in again in a few days and post your banner/website again. This way when the members View Banners with the Browse Banner Area they do not see all of them in a row. They will Not keep clicking on them, they will stop and go on to something else. So if you come back and post your banner again your banner will appear on a different page and will be more effective advertising for you.
This also goes for Traffic Links, Text Ads, html Ads Also!
Do not repeat them one after another.

The Newer  Text Ad Exchanges Give Members Credits for Also Viewing Button banners and have the Browse Button Ads on the navigation bar. I always Add my Button Banners when I go to these sites.

Traffic Links: This is a Catchy Subject Line with your website URL
Members Navigate to Browse Traffic Links where all Traffic Links available to click will appear showing the subject lines.
Each Member Clicks Each Subject line and a window will pop up with Your Website to be viewed to earn credits.

A wonderful tool that is a Fire Fox Ad On is Called Linky
You can browse the Traffic links faster and easier with this handy tool!
Traffic links are a quick way to earn credits and view other members websites.  A lot of the Better sites give you pretty good credits for viewing them too!

Headline Ads: These Ads I use all the time. They are offered in the Newer Ad Exchanges and Appear as soon as the members log in to the members area. They are different colors. The members can select what color background and text they want their Ads to appear.
Members Receive Higher credits for viewing them. I always use them
on the Text Ad Exchanges that offer them! I love Headline Ads for my Advertising and I usually click them!
With the Exception of: Some Ad Exchanges have a Whole lot of headline Ads and now have a browse section on the navigation bar for them. I am not as happy with the results of these ads. In my personal opinion, the Admins Gave too many of them away for Free advertising and now instead of being one of the Premium Advertising they lowered the Value of the headline Ads! Not good at all.

Hot links: Short Catchy Words with your website link that rotate around the site. These are not as effective as the other types of advertising
but when I have them available I do use them as all it takes is to catch the attention of the right person.

Text Ads: These are also a subject line with your website URL but
provide Lower credits for viewing. There are usually hundreds of these to view on active sites. The older type Text Ad Exchanges this is about the only function their is to earn points besides the solo Ads.
The Newer Text Ad Exchanges are FAR Better to post and view your Text Ads as they provide better incentives for the members to view them.  Check out the Active Members Rewards area and they will explain what BONUS advertising and Credits you can earn by viewing the Text Ads.

HTML Ads are the same as above but in these Ads they are all in HTML code. You can add banners/ buttons/ graphics to them.
Highlight words and make the text bold or different colors.
They are a lot more eye appealing. They are slower to earn credits with but the Good Text Ad Exchanges that reward members with Better rewards, your HTML Ad will be viewed.

Some of the Better Ad Exchanges provide Auto Posting for Text Ads and HTML Ads for their JV memberships.
This means once you post your Text or HTML Ads and Click SAVE
your Ad will be posted automatically Daily providing the JV members Far more exposure to their Ads! I love them! Saves Me a whole lot of Time!

Then there are Super Solo Ads:
This is a group of Sites who have joined together as a network sending out Your Solo Ad to EACH Site, providing You
with Far more exposure to your Ads. These Ads the member usually has to pay for to have them sent.
Some sites offer Super Solo Ads in their Top Membership Levels giving the Upgraded members 1 or 2 Super Solo Ads monthly
with their memberships. Great incentive for members to upgrade and Save a lot of money on their Advertising!

There are a selected few that allow you to Earn Credits and Redeem them for super solo Ads within their Own personal network of Super Solo Ads. Usually they are higher credits but a lot of times they are Worth the Redeeming for Credits.

This is good for members who do not have much money but Will Click and Stay Active in the sites to Redeem for the Super Solo Ads.
Great incentive to click I would say!

Some Text Ad Exchanges now have:
Pay to Click links or Cash Solo Ads.
I see now that quite a few of these Text Ads are now converting their Scripts to paying only top level memberships
So in other words you need to be an upgraded member to receive Cash payments for Clicking these Ads.
I found quite a few Text Ad Exchanges that have changed their pay policies and scripts just this last month.
So if you think you will be paid for Clicking, Read their Terms or updated Commissions policies before you ask for your payments especially if you are a Free or Pro member.
To me this is not right but...... no more comment.. LOL

Their Also Are Text Ad Exchanges that Do Not Send out Emails
I love these ones! I receive Far too much emails in my box already!
So knowing that I have a few places that I can Just Log in and Click is Wonderful. I have found these sites Responsive as the members
Respect the idea of not having the emails bombarding their email box.
Great Sites, I know I own One and I am a member of all the ones that I am aware of.

I hope this has given you a better idea of what a Text Ad Exchange
has to offer and what all the different types of Advertising is that they provide.

There are Good Text Ad Exchanges and Bad Ones just like any type of Advertising Site online. It will not take long for you to Realize which are which, once you have joined a few of them.

The Best Text Ad Exchanges provide incentives for their members to click with Active Clicking Rewards and Clicking Contests.
They provide their members with a good variety of Advertising
with Ease for Posting their Ads, Clicking and Viewing other members Advertising.

Oh, I almost forgot, one very nice function that the Newer Text Ad Exchanges have
which have added better response Rate to the Solo Advertising they provide.
Some of the newer Scripts Require the members to View X amount of Solo Ads prior to Submitting a Solo Ad.
When this function first come out their were mixed emotions from the members.
But I think that the members now have Realized that their Solo Ads are receiving More Clicks
and the responsiveness of their Solo Ads are better.
I have this function on all of my Ad Exchanges and I love it.
I do not mind whatsoever going to Any Ad Exchange that has this function as I know
that Every member who wants to submit an Ad is required to View them so I know I have better click rate to my Ads.
I never Expect my members to do anything I would not do myself!
Every Function that is added to our Scripts have our members in mind!
We want to keep our sites responsive and Active.

I will post some of my favorites Ad Exchanges and Safe lists
and the Reasons why in another Article.

So Have I answered the Question: Why Join a Text Ad Exchange?
Hope so!

Best Wishes to Your Success
If you are thinking on starting up your own Text Ad Exchange contact me, as  we have several scripts that we sell
and We also provide Quality hosting at an affordable price!
JV, Super JV Text Ad Exchange Scripts, along with NO Email Super JV (Coming Soon) and JV scripts.
Plus we are designing an even more unique script that should be available in a few weeks. so Watch my posts and Articles for more details. I am So excited about this one!

May your troubles be less,
your blessings more,
and nothing but happiness comes through your door!

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