Ten Secret Marketing Strategies

Nov 26th 2010 at 11:01 AM


Felix Miranda
CEO/DIRECTOR Global Success For All

1. The "Hidden Value" Strategy


The "you get an extra $__ in bonuses..." strategy tells your prospects that the total value of your bonus products is a mystery. They will realize that in order to find out the actual value of your bonuses, they will have to purchase your product. You can tell them it will be revealed after they order.


2. The "Confident Sell Out" Strategy


The "this product will definitely sell out..." strategy tells your prospects that you are confident that your product won't last long. Many people are influenced by confidence. You can show even more of your confidence by telling them the approximate timeframe when your product will sell out.


3. The "Bombarded" Strategy


The "it's hard to decide sometimes with so many businesses pulling you in different directions..." strategy tells your prospects that you understand they are getting bombarded with advertisements every day. You just need to tell them you won't rent, share or sell their name to any other business. It will show them that you are trying to help them cut down on their junk mail and spam.


4. The "No Install" Strategy


The "there's no software to install..." strategy tells your prospects that your product won't require any software to use it. Many people, even today, are software- or computer-phobic and don't want to go through the hassle to gain their desired benefits with products that take complicated software to run.


5. The "Plug It" Strategy


The "it can be customized and you can plug it into..." strategy tells your prospect that they can adjust your product for their own specific needs and benefits. You are also saying that they can easily fit or blend your product into their targeted situation.


6. The "Lock It In" Strategy


The "lock in your one time price now and avoid any monthly fee..." strategy tells your prospects that if they purchase your product now, they will avoid paying an ongoing fee to use it in the future. If they are remotely interested in your product, they'll likely buy it right away because most people hate reoccurring fees. You could even give them a date when you will switch over your product to a subscription product.


7. The "They All Did" Strategy


The "one person (your product's benefit), another person (your product's benefit), this person (your product's benefit)..." strategy gives your prospects specific examples of people that have benefited from your product. You could present them as customer success stories or short little benefit bullets in your sales letter. You could even add their actual testimonials.


8. The "Personal Partner" Strategy


The "as a bonus, become one of my personal JV partners..." strategy tells your prospects that if they purchase your product, they can also promote your product. You could give your customers a higher commission rate than your free affiliates, just like you would your top personal JV partners. You could even tell them how many JV partners you have and the reputable names that are involved. 


9. The "Lying Down" Strategy


The "when you're lying in bed tonight and staring at the ceiling imagine..." strategy tells your prospects to imagine the benefits of your product. Most people won't purchase the first time they see your ad so this helps persuade them to buy later when they're not viewing your ad.


10. The "By Yourself" Strategy


The "why would you try to do it yourself when you can get (your product)..." strategy tells your prospects to question why they would try to gain their desired benefit by themselves. You just need to convince them how much harder it would be without your product’s help.



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