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Teach you wear shoes, fashion go once

Sep 29th 2012 at 2:40 AM

Now a lot of consumer is buying outdoor shoes, will be on the quality of shoes very seriously, after all, a pair of outdoor shoes cost is not a small number, and in outdoor climbing on foot, a pair of good quality shoes are very important. This raises a question: outdoor shoes use classification problem. Outdoor shoes is concerned, with its function classification, can be roughly divided into five series.
1, mountain series: (also called heavy climbing boots)
This series of boots to ascend snow mountain and design, XueDe usually adopt Vibram or Sky walk outsole, lining plate, has a strong resistance to impact, will carry crampons, boots to help design is very high, generally in 20 cm above, Jordan Gold Medal Pack For Saleshoe surface using hard plastic resin or upset cowhide, sheepskin sewing, lined with warm shoe covers, adapt to the complex bad snow, ice, rock mixed terrain, and can effectively protect your feet.
2, low mountain series: (also called heavy climbing shoes)
This kind of shoes use goal is to an altitude of 6000 meters mountain, climb ice wall or ice and snow mixed palisades, outsole with wear-resisting rubber (Vibram or Sky walk) between bottoms liner organic carbon plate, sole very hard, johnny kilroy 9sresistance to impact force is very strong, climbing is enough support, vamp upset (3.0 mm above) the whole piece cowhide or skin sewing, in order to strengthen the waterproof moisture permeable effect, Gore Tex or SympaTex commonly used for lining, insulating layer between them. Upper high usually 15 cm above, in the complex terrain conditions can effectively to protect their feet reduce damage, part design with ice claw structure, there is no fixed structure of the available from ice claw. Than heavy climbing boots light, remove ice claw walk than heavy climbing boots to comfort.
3, through series: (also called medium hiking shoes)
This series of design goal for low mountain, valley, desert and gobi are complicated topography, the weight to long distance on foot. This kind of shoes also belong to the structure characteristics of high help shoes, upper height is usually 13 to 15 cm, Jordan 6s Olympic For Salewith strong support, and can effectively protect ankle bone reduce damage. Outsole choose wear-resisting rubber, some excellent brand in outsole and the bottom is between design nylon plate support, in order to enhance sole hardness, not only can effectively prevent the sole deformation, but also can enhance resistance to impact. Vamp often choose medium thickness of the first layer cowhide, sheepskin or leather mixed vamp, leather surface parts choose d help super wear resistant Cordura fabrics, compared with alpine series, low mountain series are much lighter, flexibility is much better. In order to solve the water problem, most style chooses Gore Tex material for lining, also some USES Jordan 11 Concords For Saleoutermost layer of skin waterproof, this kind of shoes can be in anklebone below the surface or walk in the rain.
4, hiking series:
Hiking series is outdoor sports are widely used in varieties. Design goal for short weight of lighter on foot, suitable for relatively gentle mountain, jungle, general outing or camping activities. This kind of shoes design characteristics of the upper 12 cm below, protect the structure of the ankle. Sole is wear-resistant rubber, the bottom with micro porous foaming and double encryption rubber, high grade brand has outsole plastic powder layer, good resistance to impact and cushioning effect, upper have full leather, leather surface or leather mixed material. Part of the design have Gore Tex lining, also some design not waterproof processing. For a shoe's advantage lies in the light, soft, comfortable, good air permeability.raptor 7s 2012 retail price In the terrain not complex environment walk, for shoes should be better than high help shoes.

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