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TDK known as The DragonKillers latest program from Paul Darby...

Aug 12th 2010 at 8:22 PM
TDK known as The DragonKillers latest program from Paul Darby...   All I can say is buyer BEWARE!   You might want to start your search on google and type in Paul Darby or Paul Darby scam... You will surely have a few hours of reading time.   Back to TDK: The first thing I notice when you become a free or paid member is that, ======>>>When members login to their TDK back office...It says TDK site sponsored by: SlapTheGuru... Guess where  that site bring people to as their sponsor?
Did you guess Paul Darby?...Well you win a prize!   People right now are promoting TDK left and right... But what most do not realize is that, the more you promote it, the more people are also likely to join SlapTheGuru under Paul Darby... His ID# is 1000.   So basically...You are paying Paul Darby to join TDK and in turn he is making money from your efforts by having people join him in STG (SlapTheGuru).   Wow, this is a good deal!...That is if you were Paul Darby.   Besides all this...Paul Darby now also has your list of potential STG wanna bees... Except that they are now being dripped on automatically by Paul....Thanks to you!   From my own online researches on Paul Darby, I have to say that I am 100% not impressed.   I think that STG has been slowly heading down into the gutters...And this is his way of making a few extra $100,000 dollars on the side, besides all the fortune he is creating with TDK.   Looking closely at the whole structure of TheDragonKillers....Strangely enough, I see a very close ressemblance to ExtremeCashRobot.   These sites might look very flashy...But in my opinion, will drip money out of your pocket even by looking at them.   As I said earlier...BEWARE!   Ask yourself these questions... Did I research Paul Darby first? Have I tried sending Paul Darby an email with support questions? (If not...try it, see what kind of response you will get).   If you are reading this...Be careful friends. ...Actually, I would say....RUN!    

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