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Targeted Marketing

Aug 8th 2011 at 7:05 AM

Its been my experience that if you don't know who your target market is that you're guaranteed to spin your wheels and time is a commodity that you can't get back. In other words, are you trying to sell dog food to cat owners? You have to laser target your market and find the conversations and sites that pertain to your product or service. That's who I'm fashioning my new blog after, for instance my Primary business is water filters, not just any water filters but the best water filters on the Market and I intend to prove it.

Your goal should be to define your target market and find out what they're reading and what their conversations are about. I'm in the process of gathering this information by spying on my competition, this way I can be able to gauge my target markets interest, concerns and intent. I strongly suggest that you find out what your target market is talking about and where they're talking about it. This is a simple excercise that can be done in an hour:

1. Look back at some of my other posts if you get stuck on this one, and it'll all fall into place.

2. Find out what's being said about your product, service or brand on the Social Web.

3. If your sponsor or anyone on your team has a Facebook page pertaining to your business or service don't hesitate to join it to stay in the loop. There's more power in a group. People can say what they want about following the herd but in this case its vital. If you notice in the wilds of Africa the predators go after the game that strays away from the herd.

4. List the attributes and features of your brand, product or service on hard copy.

5. Make a duplicate list of your competitors attributes.

6. Search for these items in other blogs and summerize what you find.

7. Trace the good post you find back to their source, normally they'll be a link.

8. Integrate all the data you find onto your hard copy data and use it to assist you in creating your blog, that's what I'm in the process of doing now with my new blog. Its taking a little time because I just intend on loading this blog up once initially and adding as I go.

9. We have to gain the competitive advantage, especially since some of us are going head to head with the big boys. Our game has to be water tight and we have to make a 360 degree circle to cover all our tracks and stop all the leaks. Remember, when you're working with a limited Ad budget it should make you more creative. The big boys have deeper pockets than us but we're more versatile and mobile.

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