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TagVillage - Will You Ever Get This Chance Again?

Dec 7th 2010 at 10:11 AM

It is amazing what has been springing up lately and around 24 hours ago TagVillage was released to a limited number of people in pre-launch. It looks awesome and appears to have given every Koodayer their Christmas wish list of features.Things like easy way to find keywords, easy ways to rebuy sold words. Better interface, professional looking, great layout, interfacing with facebook. Really you have to see the webinar to appreciate it.


The CEO of TagVillage David Ruebush is a successful Kooday member already and has a team of highly experienced programmers behind him. TagVillage wasn't started because of Kooday however Kooday has helped inspire some new features and or additions to features that were already planned. People can only join by invitation at the moment but already it is growing like fire

You can check it out at www.budurl.com/TagVillage

Personally I missed out on the start of Kooday but am still making money from it. But hey this is the very start for TagVillage and you have a chance to make history with it.

Time is limited as to join TagVillage is in a limited pre-launch to only the first 5000 members. Those members will get the benefit of being able to get referrals and also trade tags 15 days before the masses are invited in. This is a huge opportunity, some members that joined Kooday at the start have keyword values over $100,000 and they did not put much in. This is the opportunity you now have in your hands.It is up to you on whether you are going to grab hold of it.

Another Feature of TagVillage is that it will be donating at least 10% of ad revenue and the members choose where to donate it. This will be happening weekly.

Tagvillage Donations

For those that want to join there is three things they must do and it is explained simply on the site as shown below.

TagVillage Register

As you can see you can't just join and sit back and see what happens. You have to carry out all 3 steps before you will be able to refer others. Believe me it isn't hard and you can fund your account for as little as $25.

Having just watched a webinar, at 3am I might add, I am impressed at the professionalism that is being displayed and the business plan put forward. I cannot see how this could fail!

I'm sure there will be people that will throw out that this is a scam, there always is with any new opportunity. Kooday had plenty of them and some are still around. This is definitely not a scam. Once you view the webinar you will see how much work has gone into this and how good it is going to be. I'm excited and it's 4:30am in the morning!

TagVillage may be the newest on the scene and has benefited by looking at the best and worst bits of facebook, Google, Kooday, Kulesearch then tried to bring all the good bits together and fix the bad bits. From what I have seen they have succeeded in doing that.

TagVillage Search

TagVillage is not another Kooday, it is not another KuleSearch. All three companies have their own uniqueness which is a great thing as it means that they are not competing as directly with each other as let's say Yahoo, Google and Bing are.When you look at it though TagVillage is really a cross between Facbook, Kooday, Kulesearch and Google, with the interface looking more like a facebook interface.

It is plain to see that there is a demand for this and a lot of people are going to make a lot of money from this.

The question is...Will you be one of them?

To become a TagVillage Member click below or HERE


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Jan 28th 2011 at 10:13 AM by Lipnancy
Cool article. Cannot wait for Tag Trading. Should begin any day now.

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