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My experiments and journey in the realm of generating online income. I review methods, tools, tips and tricks of generating and sustaining income online. I help people to earn money online.
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Tagvillage- Tag Trading 101

May 15th 2011 at 10:34 AM

David Ruebush's Step-by-Step ways to make money Tag Trading 101

This is the first article in the step-by-step explanation of how David Ruebush (CEO of Tagvillage) created a simple method with basic rules to make huge amounts of money Tag Trading.  Since this was his preferred method in Kooday, there are many references to Kooday and not Tagvillage. This was posted on his Kooday group on Facebook.  It would be good advice to see inside his mind set to understand his concept of Tag Trading.  Everything that follows are his words, and only edited to remove any confusing links or specific Kooday instructions that might confuse new people unfamiliar with the Tagvillage platform.
First Wave of Revenue Potential

OK. Before we start researching and buying keywords, I want to talk about what I feel will be 3 waves of revenue potential with this site (Kooday). Then I will mention a fourth revenue stream. After you understand the 3 waves and how they interact, you will be better prepared to approach keyword acquisition from a logical, methodical place, not an emotional one. Remember, just like the stock market, logic and method wins, emotion ALWAYS loses.

Right now Kooday is in a pre-launch state. In other words, the site is active and you can open an account, fund it, buy and sell search terms, and withdraw money. However, the main ingredient for the site, the Search Engine, is not yet active.

What this means, is that the first wave of revenue potential is in full swing. This is what I call the "Initial Search Term Commodity Stage". In other words, the only true commodity right now are search terms, or words. You can buy words. And, you can sell words. However, this first wave has not yet reached "critical mass". This is coming very soon.

As hundreds and thousands of new members flock to Kooday and pour money into their accounts, millions and millions of keywords are being bought and sold. It is at this moment that I think part A of the rule we follow should be: QUANTITY OF KEYWORDS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN VALUE.

In other words, your strategy right now should be to accumulate a LOT of keywords. There are billions of terms available for only 10 cents each! There is no need to pour a lot of money into expensive terms right now. Instead, pour money into a LOT, a whole whole BUNCH of terms. This is possible without spending a lot of money. First keywords only cost 10 cents each when you find them first. Second, someone will come along and buy them from you for more. So, you will have more money to buy more 10 cent terms. In other words, if you buy a term for 10 cents and someone comes along and buys it from you for $1, go buy 10 more terms instead of buying that term back. Therefore, you begin to accumulate keyword volume (inventory).

During the first wave, there will be a tremendous amount of volume on low-price keywords. Therefore, you can leverage this volume into exponential multiplication of your keyword inventory. I will discuss the exact process for doing this in a later post.

There will be a method to our madness though. We will accumulate specific types of keywords. The reason for this is part B of the rule we follow: FUTURE POTENTIAL OF KEYWORDS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN POPULARITY.

In other words, we want to own a LOT of keywords with HUGE FUTURE POTENTIAL, rather than a few expensive, popular ones.

So the summary of the rule we will follow during the First Wave of Revenue is this:

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