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TagVillage is multiple streams of income

Dec 23rd 2010 at 4:13 AM

* Weekly Profit Shares
* Tag Sales
* Referral Commissions
* Tagvertiser Commissions

When you join and use tagvillage, you make
money. You join for FREE. You use the site.

We pay you. Period.

Better yet, you can expand your earnings by
adding revenue streams. You can buy and sell
Tags, refer others to the site, and earn
Tagvertising commissions.

How does this work? Glad you asked…

Weekly Profit Shares

* Points for posting
* Points for chatting
* Points for uploading photos
* Money for your points

All week long you are earning points. Everytime
you chat, everytime you post, everytime you
upload a photo. Everything you do earns you
points. Then, every Monday, tagvillage pays
you Credits for your points! You earn money
just for using the site. Even as a FREE member!
Now that is awesome. But wait! There is more…

Tag Trading

* Tags are keywords and keyphrases
* Buy Tags
* Sell Tags
* Keep the profits

The “real estate” of our site is the Tags (keywords
and phrases) advertisers will target when they buy
ads on the site. tagvillage lets you buy Tags and
own them. When you sell them, you get to keep
the profits!

Imagine owning the word “shoes” and getting part
of the money everytime an advertiser runs an ad
about shoes on the site! You can buy Tags for as
little as $0.10 and sell them to people who feel
they are worth more.

Referral Commissions

* Tell your friends
* They join up
* You get paid

Tell your friends about tagvillage. When they join
up, you get paid!

How much do you get?

10% of any money generated by your friends. So,
if a friend sells a very expensive Tag, you will get
a nice commission. If an advertiser targets a Tag
your friend owns, you will get a nice commission

Tagvertising Commissions

* Advertisers place ads
* They target Tags
* You get paid

tagvillage sells advertisements to businesses who
target Tags. If you own the tag an advertiser is
targeting, you get paid!

How much?

20% of the money generated by the ads. There will
be Pay Per Click (CPC) and Pay Per Impression
(CPM) ads on the site. You will make money everytime
an advertiser targets a Tag in your inventory.

So, why should I join now?

Good question! tagvillage is in pre-launch registration
mode. This is a limited time offer. If you join now, you
can take advantage of our pre-launch Holiday Special.

Join here below for free now:

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and
a Successful 2011 !

John Muyris
Netpreneur & Friend

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Jan 2nd 2011 at 8:37 AM by roosevans
First there was KooDay, then KuleSearch and now TagVillage! Thus far I have resisted this buying and selling keywords thing but I think I'm about to give in! LOL!

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