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Home Based Business is the bomb. If you have not started a Home based Business for you and your future yet, start considering it now. Things are going to get harder not better any time soon. We have to make our own economy now.

Working from Home is easy when you have the right tools to work with, and that is exactly what Feeder Matrix is, the right tools to work with. $1.75 can turn into $100.000.00 in two months. That is very true. I know a couple of people that have done that already. No sponsoring required but things always go faster if you can bring in a few people, it helps create spillover and your matrix fills much faster.

Visit Feeder Matrix at the link just below:

One more great tool to build a nice residual income but in reality it is something that everyone looking to make money online needs, if they are really serious about working from home. That tool is an auto-responder. When you join Team Atlantis, they start you out by giving you 3 Paid Traffic Wave auto-responder referrals. When you get your three they move you to a straight line rotator which will give you a paid referral per month. Retention rate is very high, hardly no one is quitting because when they get you your three they put you in a straight line rotator that gives you a paid referral every month. There is only one requirement with team atlantis. You must get 1,000 hits to your links every week, which is really easy to do. We show you how.

If you have any questions I am available most all the time. If I am not home leave me a message and I will get back to you just as soon as I get home. Working from home can be a lot of fun. Hope to hear from you soon.

Systems Work Where People Fail

Sep 20th 2010 at 7:39 AM

Systems work where people fail is a very strong statement to make, but can it be true? You know as well as I do that 95% of all the people looking to start a home based business will fail. Everyone associated with online business at all are preaching this same message.

Personally, I have tried to train some people and they think that when they sign up in a business online, they push a few buttons and presto-change-o, $50,000.00 is going to show up in their online bank account. Sorry, these people have been lied to and probably taken for a few bucks.

People that say things like this is giving a bad reputation for the 5% of honest internet entrepreneurs that want to do nothing more than to help the 95% that aren’t making it here.

These people that are failing haven’t found that it takes a solid work ethic to prosper at anything. Nothing in life is free, and no-one gets a free ride. If you want something bad enough you will roll up your sleeves and go to work and get it.

Internet business is no different. If you have little to no advertising budget, you can run a successful home based business but it will take more work and being consistent to make it work.

If you have an advertising budget you can set up systems to work your business for you in most all areas of your business, while the person with little to no advertising budget would have to work the Free traffic exchanges and credit based safe-lists, surf for credits, set up ads, make videos, classified ads, post on forums, write articles to get the same results the person with an advertising budget gets with their ad-words account. It is very time consuming but it can be done. I would not say this if I had not done it myself.

This is where people in the long run fail. They will sign up for 2 or 3 safe-lists and send an ad. The ad go’s out to (for demonstration purposes only let’s say) 5,000 people per safe-list. If they sent to 3 safe-lists the ad reaches 15,000 people. If no on joins their business after they try this 3 or 4 times, they get discouraged and quit. Remember what I said up above, BEING CONSISTENT. Stay focused and consistent in your efforts and you will win.

There are legitimate systems that will work with any business online. They are systems that can be duplicated that have training (text,audio,and video), programs built-in to build your list, get commissions, get referrals and sign-ups in your main business for you all on auto pilot. They even have built-in ads so you can copy and paste your way to success, with a day by day, step by step blueprint as to how to become successful.

You don’t have to be an internet genius, you just have to have a built-in sense about you to follow directions and do what is expected of you to do. That’s why Systems Work Where People Fail.

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