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SUV routine maintenance has to speak

Mar 17th 2015 at 11:44 PM


SUV models currently in the automotive market is more a vehicle fire, according to the data display, SUV sales ratio is constantly growing, coilovers for sale and some consumers buy first goal is the object of SUV models.

This section Xiaobian to introduce you something about the future SUV car routine maintenance knowledge. It is a resource-sharing era, if you have knowledge about cars SUV maintenance in this area are welcome to interact with us.

1, car cleaners to choose the right

Some people think that as long as your selection is good, not knowing that only the right is the best. Select detergent is also very important if you choose properly will result in material damage to the car interior. Because each part of the SUV automotive interior materials are not the same, if you choose a larger alkaline cleaners, although there whitening. Decontamination effect, but too much alkaline cleaner will soak flannel, leather chairs, ceiling, eventually harden, crack. China used car city small advice, choose the best choice for PH cleaners cleaning solution does not exceed 10 is more suitable.

2, regular replacement of oil

Usually take four-wheel drive 4WD SUV designed to cope with different road conditions. Most of the SUV is equipped with anti-slip rear axle differential device, in case when a wheel slip, to ensure that there is still another round grip; and such a situation prone to high temperatures, damage to the differential. Therefore, consumers should be advised to use an appropriate lubricant, with good lubrication according to the original, high temperature and other characteristics, in order to truly complete differential protection and automatic transmission.

3, dashboard, ultimately protecting agent

If the car dashboard dirty, and if you are the driver will suddenly looked boring, cleaning the car dashboard is also very important. After cleaning the car SUV but do not forget to also coated with a protective agent. But the choice of protection may also need to be cautious, modern leather protective agent points emulsion, oil and water three. So how to choose it emulsifying agent with protection but strong alkaline cleaning function; oily protective agent contains a solvent component, vw passat turbocharger will erode the decomposition of resin and pigment to produce leather on leather fade, China Town used car small advice:? The best Do not choose a neutral aqueous maintenance agents, because it has a soft leather restore elasticity and shine effect.

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