Surgery May Be Your Best Option To Get Rid Of Ocular Hypertension

Sep 27th 2015 at 10:23 PM

Several eye diseases including glaucoma may result from ocular hypertension. To avoid further eye problems surgery may be necessary to get rid of ocular hypertension.

Everyone knows or has at least heard just how important it is to visit the eye care specialist at least once a year. If you don’t know why, there are several reasons why you should do so but I will give you one important example. The example includes two words, that is, ‘ocular hypertension’. Ocular hypertension also called high intraocular pressure, is an eye ailment that is very common and yet often goes quite undetected until one makes a visit to the eye doctor. The condition involves having a high or an above normal amount of fluid pressure in the eyes. This pressure can then cause a host of other eye ailments including glaucoma and at the extreme, permanent vision impairment. This is why it is important to get all matters concerning your eyes addressed before they can cause severe damage to your eyes. Often, the treatment required once ocular hypertension has been detected can be as simple as getting a few eye drops, but depending on the severity and the time of detection, other more involving solutions may be required. All the same, if you don’t visit the eye doctor and the problem is allowed to persist the results can be quite severe and the treatment required will be more intense. If you happen to have a severe case of ocular hypertension surgery may be your only option. Below are some of the considerations that you should have in mind.

After your initial eye test and after some simple initial treatments to see if the problem can easily be sorted out, you need to start considering surgery to help fix the problem. Realizing that further pressure could damage the optic nerve which could result in blindness, the choice to go for surgery should be quite easy. Additionally, technology and research have advanced to the point where these procedures to cure the problem are quite efficiently and effectively executed and with very minimal risk involved. With this in mind, there are several different surgeries that are available to people who suffer from such ailments. Knowing what options are available can help you have an educated discussion with your doctor to determine the best course of action for you.

Before you visit your eye doctor in Perth or wherever you choose to see an eye professional near you, some of the information you need to know about includes the following: If you already have advanced glaucoma, consider or find out more about getting drainage implants to relieve acute pressure in the eyes. Additionally, you can consider getting a laser surgery in the form of Trabeculoplasty which is meant to unblock drainage canals in the eyes. Another type of laser surgery that may be an option for you is iridotomy. This laser procedure involves removing a tiny piece of an eyelid in order to improve the drainage of fluid inside the eyes. Knowing these procedures should be able to open up a good discussion between you and your doctor for possible solutions if the much simpler solutions don’t work.

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