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Supplement Your Website's Advertising Revenue With Links to Articles

Nov 2nd 2010 at 6:44 AM

Bukisa is a free to join article writing site. I have one referral on Bukisa, that I found here on IM Faceplate, who has four websites that get thousands of visitors a day. He makes me a hundred times more than all of my hundreds of other referrals combined.

He worked out that it was in his best interest to not only make links from articles to his websites, to drive targeted traffic to them and boost their Google rating with quality link weight, but it was also in his interest to make links to the articles from the website.

You see, by making links back to the articles from relevant link text on the website, the articles get traffic, which not only provides an extra source of income, to supplement your website's advertising revenue, but it also boosts the Google rating of the articles, which mean that they do better in a Google search, which then drives more traffic to the website, which boosts it's Google rating and drives more traffic back to the articles.

While a reciprocal link is slightly less valuable than a one way link techically, in actual practice, it is the other way around. One drives traffic to the other, which boosts the Google rating of them both.

My referral is making around $40 a day from the revenue generated by his articles on Bukisa, and he has only written six or seven.

I make a quarter of what he makes, because Bukisa have a three level referral program of 25%, 5%, and 1% commission on referral's earnings of $3.22 US per thousand qualified views on the page. He has made almost a thousand dollars in addition to his Google Adsense revenues in three months.

Remember, all he did was write a half dozen articles with links to his websites, and put links back to the articles on his websites, in relevant link text. You see, 90% of people will not click on a Google Adsense ad, but those people will still click on a link made from relevant link text, if the subject really interests them.

You can control yourself what article titles and keywords are going to excite your website visitors enough to click on the links, and when you get it right, you will be amazed at how many visitors click on the links, making you a lot of extra money from your website.

If you want to supplement your website's advertising revenue, and drive targeted traffic to your website, as well as back to your paid articles, or if you need more tips on SEO, join for free as my referral, and I will teach you everything I know.

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Nov 3rd 2010 at 12:19 AM by rowanman28
If you were really worried about the link weight, you could make the links from the website to the articles no follow.
Nov 2nd 2010 at 10:53 AM by AbdeelMarketing
Great article. As for the reciprocal links, even if you ignore the fact that the two are feeding each other, You should still be posting articles to other sites which will be one way. If you have reciprocal links with one article submission site, it won't hurt you at all, and as you say, could even be a benefit.

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