Success story ((millionaire young man who changed the course of my life and inspired by the success ...)).

Oct 31st 2010 at 6:36 PM


Success story ((millionaire young man who changed the course of my life and inspired by the success …)).

First you can check my payment in this company….


If I did not find that the topic for the benefit of our young ambitious and worthwhile to sit 6 hours to write and revise a topic … All that said real and work content and a reliable summary 3 months of work and proceeds $ 30,250 guaranteed and some of my friends got it less than a month and still … This is a picture from my account in the company I wanted to put it between your hands for the benefit of as much as possible of our young people


Long Story:
Yes I have ambitious young man like you, a dreamer and I am expecting my goals and aspirations of the future, I’ve worked hard over the years and what is the result: some of the few Dollars which may discharge in the setback disease, God forbid ….
I think a lot and became deeply to improve my lifestyle, especially because I got married and I had a family of wife and children, and increased requirements and living expenses, add to the downturn experienced by Arab societies and the world in general …. I think additional work has become more of my income …
I tried to learn e-marketing programs participated profit free and not crazy, unless fatigue and to ensure …
I learned web design and increased my research for job opportunities through the Google Adsense ads and other programs of selling on commission has not returned because of lack of experience and diversity of ideas and pieces of my thoughts and the need to purchase educational courses … Tried to buy some courses did the whole did not take advantage of them only pay sums of money raised from Taste of the lack of professionalism of those courses and lack of experience of someone who offered in addition to being designed only to make money by the foremost of which is more than his desire to education (any of the works taken by the source so that the extra monthly income or per week) did not take advantage, which paid nothing, but to make matters worse is spending money and wasting time no more profitable is through e-commerce needs to be a seasoned expert, even if I made a few dollars through Google Adsense but it is not enough for a cup of coffee in a cafe . sophisticated…

Increased confusion and increased thinking about the failure to reach additional income but what I benefit it was not to rely on others the number one and, secondly, the large number of Internet research taught me to read everything … Took advantage of any of the information available so I met by chance one of my friends (((really a coincidence changed my life Lord of the coincidence of non-appointment))) …. Everything has changed in this friend of course for the better and become more toxic … More to you … Appear to be features of prosperity … Beautiful flight entered and chatty???

When I asked him about the secret of this change laughed gently and said to me, has changed conditions …
I had a chance I have in my life and benefited from, and why you made your days … I felt sweaty and embarrassed by his question … He replied to himself I’m still on your old one?
I replied with a sigh: “Yes. Chatted for a social life and study… etc.

I am going on my mind the subject of change during the period of Our absence each other …
I felt that he knows that I am eager to ask him about his position change was smiling and the other intermittently, and skims a look at my face is full of wonder …. Remained elusive to be absolutely sure that if he did not start talking Sosagt unconscious on …
Then save me, saying: I do not doubt that you are eager to learn the secret of how I changed …??
I replied quickly: “Yes .. Yes, but I am eager to find out.

He said: “Very briefly read an advertisement placed a small man, entitled ((How to earn $ 10000 in one month ..)) at first I laughed a lot just thinking of what to call what we hear more about access to millionaires during a certain period .. Or how to become rich, when you try to follow the declaration it finds it and actually put his words seriously, but you are on your account, that is looking to get rich through your purchase of educational and training programs and then you may be asked to buy the second level and third … Etc. to declare bankruptcy and curse the time I had thought of moving this project ….

My friend says: But I think positively for the first time in my life and I said: If he is sincere?! Why not contact him and inquire, and then canceled the subject or I think of him and actually asked you to call him to meet me, but begged him but he refused to meet me ….
I went to an appointment at a popular cafe and I am excited to unusually … When I met him was an elegant OCZ polite and did not enjoin before, reeking of wealth … We talked a long time was not tired of my questions are many but the smiles and answers calmly and dignity did not lag for a moment never to answer ..

Much of his speech incomprehensible to me about network marketing, methods, etc., and the note was tired of the many information smiled and gave me a small booklet by a few sheets by his own hand a plan view of work and said: “I read them more slowly and re-read until the picture in your mind if you need any help I am waiting for your call any moment ..


My friend says: For the first time in my life I feel like I am firmly convinced the draft, even though I did not understand the full details but I am satisfied and full of enthusiasm … I went to a humble home and began studying these leaflets and I feel that my brain will explode for the terminology, structure and working system and matrices and so on …
I woke up the next morning to find the brochure on my face I did not know how I slept ?Or when?
My Mobile Nokia shipped a few dollars m old and contacted the young man to tell him I am satisfied .. For the first time I see him laughing the laugh long … Frankly, I felt I made a big mistake which led to the non-typical straight face .. He asked me do you understand fully the method of work??
I replied: No, but I convinced … He laughed again and then said to me: my friend does not do what you do not know will not work full time … I told him I will learn with time …Then he replied seriously: hello to the world of wealth … Your style and your insistence may be the reason for your success and fame in one day .. I am with you every step tried to present the idea to close friends and I will explain them and then after the onset I take my place so you can master the method to persuade any person …
I thanked him greatly for his cooperation with me and really was what we agreed on the job before him and then became the present work existence is correct my mistakes in private, that I became a professional work and you have achieved so the sum of $ 10,250 dollars and now thankfully do not spend two weeks only and received a $ 10000 other. …. The words of my friend ..

I asked my friend exclaimed: How many and how much has your salary??! He said: “the lesson is not you have achieved or with you my income I’m from I set my income and my interest  and I am the manager myself now, but I learned from my friend that I put the love of people and love of good for them in the foreground and I found the fruit of that great have brought me happiness and peace of mind because the people love and love of good for them is wealth in itself …
I will not hide that I have achieved some of the wealth is estimated at two million or more but thanks so God then to my friend who has inspired me to love goodness and love of people and teamwork joint … I will never forget his words all my life …
Then I urged him to visit me in my house chore Vlby call and was offered a job and convinced me and co-work with him and work with him as his friend Golden assistance and training to explain people to work despite having to travel to that my father .. And even accompanied me felt that I was able to myself and I have received within the Shiki Let me first, and then traveling to its destination and leave myself the greatest image of love and dedication to work for good …

The answer my questions, even in times of late and accompany me in the harshest environmental conditions and more honestly, I learned from him what I did not learn from others … It was really possess character millionaire and teachers will remain forever embedded in the image and what is fantastic not to forget that he had met me a few dollars, but because it gave me and taught me to hope, perseverance and determination to overcome obstacles .. And opened the doors of real joy entitled to participate and heroes of people and my turn comes I’m in this story is interesting to fasten the hearts of these people to collective action organized and dedicated to apply what we learned on the largest segment of people and thus shape the story of the success of a new hero may be any ambitious person Sharif sought love of good and help people himself and also a decent income is the matter with him shame or love to play and absurdity and waste of life to no avail.


I, too, summoned the conscience of every man and woman to leave the fun and the absurd and cafes sit and complain about the lack of income and cost-effective and serious thought and deep beautiful new formulation of the future basis of hope and optimism, benevolence of people and God bless for that.
Love of God let’s meetings of the chat, recreation and Games and we go a little bit of work to at least pay the cost of this online from our pockets and not at the expense of our people and our fathers had God’s help and not your knowledge that you someday will become a place of your father’s onerous burdens and debt and the requirements of your children, and we pledge ourselves to learn all the good and benefit the peoplewhat we have learned to be useful for mankind.

A final word:

I have brothers like you in the prime of life lost lots and lots of my time online and chat and play games not including the crazy eyes to the pain and heartbreak Whomever my future, I now regret every minute disbursed without learning beneficial knowledge or a successful project … Even a failed project and not science that failure is the key to success and a lot of human errors learns from his mistakes and find a gate of salvation and the way of the future that I ask of all who hear or read or watched what I wrote to sit between him and think the same with these words …
Who am I? Why me? It reminds me of the good people???
Do I really beneficial to myself and my family and my country???!


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There are many, many, but focused on what is the content and moved away from suspicion and mistrust.
You can also made through the establishment of a successful project mentioning the basis of patience, dedication, teamwork and systematic focus on these four points ..And Sorry to prolongation, but the intent is clarified and the statement ..

I’ll tell you a secret, I am a dentist working in Saudi Arabia than a year ago and could not provide that amount during the period of my stay current and that more than 13 months so give glad tidings to those who take the opportunity and God help you.

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