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How to do this is to say to you each day "I am not going to smoke today”. In other words you do it one day at a time. After the first hurdle, the three day point, award yourself with a little treat. An important factor is to avoid alcohol for at least a week, so it doesn’t weaken your resolve.



Give yourself another treat at the end of week one.


Another important factor to be considered is what to do with your hands? A number of strategies can be employed, from doing the decorating your wife has been trying to get you to do to taking up a new hobby. I tried drawing and doodling, painting and writing. The fact is you must keep your hands occupied on till the habit has been broken.



Give yourself another treat at the end of week two.


If you have made it to your third week, there is no reason why you can’t carry on. At this point you must win the fight with yourself conscious. That little nagging voice that is saying “I can’t ..., I won’t ... or I will never do it. This is the time to renew your resolve, go for a walk, and do something physical, but mach it with positive statements. You can ...Put a note to yourself by the shaving mirror or anywhere in your home where you cast your eyes frequently."I CAN STOP SMOKING" I will not smoke today.



Give yourself another treat at the end of week three.


Give yourself loads of praise, your short temper should start to settle down if you have found it a problem, talk to someone. However, it is important to remain positive now. Add up how much you have saved, put it in a jar, and add to it daily and watch it accumulate. You could buy yourself a larger treat in a few months.



Give yourself another treat at the end of week four.


One of the final hurdles is the social aspect of smoking. With the new laws in place I would imagine this will be easy as I can’t believe you won’t to stand outside in the cold. When I packed in I sat and drank my bear with the same crowd. This was hard; I just filled the ashtray with cashownut shells. I also endured all the temptations put in my way by thoughts who would love to see you fail.


At the end of week five, well done, keep going, a day at a time.

Paul Thompson.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

5th August 2010, smoke free.

I f you have got this far just keep going one day at a time. I f you weaken and most do at some point, put it out it tasts horrible, forgive your little slip and carry on, one day at a time. Remember, “I am not smoking today". That is the important thing, and you will feel better, your food taste better. It is possibly the best thing I have ever done, and I did it for me!

I stopped after twenty-five years of attempting to stop. I tried will power, fear, patches etc. At the end of the day it boils down to the fact that if you want to stop you will. Once you have decided to stop, a huge dission and a mammoth task, the secret formula is to minimise the size of the task.





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